FAQs Simply Flower Power® Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream

Q. Where is the best place to store a jar of Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream?

We have been testing the storage of the jar of cream over ten years and have found that the best place is in one of the covered shelves (butter shelf) of the fridge door.

On a daily basis and if you use the cream frequently, it is fine to keep it at room temperature. On hot days however, we advise refrigeration. We also highly recommend refrigeration for any spare jars of cream you may have bought in advance of having to use them.

The reason for this is that the oils in the cream are affected by heat/warmth over time and tend to turn the cream a little yellow. This does not affects the efficacy of the cream as the flower essences and homeopathic ingredients are not altered by time or heat.

The cream in the jars that were stored in the refrigerator remained as good as new even three years later.

Q: Who can benefit from using Simply Flower Power Pain Relief and Moisturising Cream?

A: People of all ages may and do use this cream. It has been observed to alleviate pain in both mild and severe conditions and the active ingredients are totally natural.

Q: Can Simply Flower Power Cream be used during pregnancy?

A: Yes, if you are pregnant you may use the cream on your back ache or any other ache or pain. It is one of the few pain relieving creams that is not contra-indicated during pregnancy. If in doubt, show the list of ingredients (article 9) to your doctor and ask him for his advice.

Q. Can Simply Flower Power Cream be used on babies?

A. Yes, you may use the cream on your baby. As with anything else you use for the first time on your baby, try it on a small area of skin first and watch for any reaction. If there is no adverse effect, you could massage the cream gently on to your baby’s feet to calm him/her down, or over his/her spine and whole back. The cream may also help relieve the tummy pain of colic – massage it gently over the tummy in a clockwise direction. Some parents use it for nappy rash but make sure you have washed the baby’s bottom first with a mild soap, and try it on a small area first.

Q. Can Simply Flower Power help with the pain of Crohn’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis?

A. Simply Flower Power Cream is not directed at any specific type of pain. It simply returns the area of the body experiencing pain to the best state of health it possibly can be in at any specific time. The effect this has is to reduce or eliminate pain. The abdominal cramps experienced by patients with Crohn’s disease do respond to an application of this cream as several of my clients have asserted to me. The same applies to the severe pain suffered by people with Multiple Sclerosis. I have been told that the pain becomes more tolerable and helps the person reduce their reliance on pain killers. So the answer, yes, I would definitely recommend you try Simply Flower Power Cream to reduce the pain of Crohn’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Q. What are the ingredients in Simply Flower Power Cream?

A. The active ingredients are flower essences and St John’s Wort in homeopathic form (in homeopathic form there are no contraindications to the use of St John’s Wort, unlike in the oil or herbal form). The cream base is a natural moisturising cream. It contains no sodium lauryl sulphate, parabeens, artificial colours or perfumes. There are also no animal derived ingredients and the cream is listed as Cruelty Free/Vegan with the Cruelty Free Association.  A full list of all the ingredients is on the Articles page. Go to: Article 9.

Q. The colour of the cream in different batches seems to vary from white, to pale yellow, to slightly pink. Is this normal?

A. Yes, this is absolutely normal. The oils used in the cream are all natural and in nature, colours vary. So sometimes one oil may be slightly darker and this can give a slight variation in the final colour of the cream. Also, with age, the oils do change colour slightly. This does not affect the efficacy of the cream in any way whatsoever.

Q. How often should I apply Simply Flower Power Cream?

A. You can use the cream as often as you need to until you obtain relief of your pain or discomfort. If your pain is very severe, you could  apply it every five minutes until the pain has considerably lessened and then use it every half hour to one hour as required. For milder pain, apply the cream whenever the pain is present. One or two applications each time may be sufficient. You can’t really overuse it.

Q. How fast can I expect to feel pain relief?

A. Depending on the severity of the pain, the relief could be immediate (this is often the case if you have only just hurt yourself) or it could take a few applications over a period of half an hour to one hour for substantial relief to be obtained. Long standing conditions may take longer but most people are really surprised and impressed at how fast the cream works.

Many people comment on how they don’t feel the pain going away, it just isn’t there anymore after a while (short or longer while as stated above) and they only realize that their pain or discomfort has gone away in hindsight.

When I was first asking patients in my clinic to trial my pain relief creams, they would often look at me with a strange look when I asked them if it had helped them and they would then say:” I don’t really know but the pain has gone!”  I believe this is because the cream does not suppress the pain, it actually helps the body return to a state of harmony. For example, we are not aware of ‘not being in pain’ when our body is in functioning well, and this is the state that the cream returns you to. For example, are we really aware of ‘not having toothache’? No, but when we do have a toothache, it’s the only thing we are aware of! Take the toothache away, and we just feel ‘normal’. The cream returns us to a state of ‘normal’ and it does this so gently that we don’t have a strong awareness of this happening.

Q. Are there any contra-indications to the use of Simply Flower Power Cream?

A. We have had no complaints in the nearly ten years of the cream being on the market regarding allergic reactions as the active ingredients are all natural and the cream base is also made to a very natural formula with no irritating ingredients.

If you are very allergic to lavender whether as a plant or an oil, then try the cream first before you buy. Many stores have tester jars or you may email us and ask for a sample to be sent to you.  As there is only a very small amount of lavender oil in each jar and the oil used is 100% essential oil of lavender of high quality, it is very rare for any allergic reaction to occur. A jar of cream without lavender oil can be made on special request. Send us an enquiry if you are interested in this option. Go to our Contact page for our details.

If you have a serious known allergy, we advise you to check the ingredients list (Article 9) to see if there is anything there that you might be sensitive to.

If you are taking arthritic medication or blood thinners, Simply Flower Power Cream is usually safe to use. Many of our customers tell us that they take medication for arthritis. If in doubt, please take the list of ingredients to your medical practitioner and let him/her advise you.

NB: Simply Flower Power® Natural Health Products are to be used following the directions on the label. They are not meant to replace the advice of an healthcare practitioner. Please read full Disclaimer statement.