A different approach to pain relief using the harmonising action of flower essences

Flower essences to relieve physical pain. Addressing the emotional aspect of physical pain. Helping the body to heal itself with flower remedies. Deal with the emotional pain and the physical pain heals itself.

Most pain relief products, whether taken internally as tablets or capsules or whether applied externally, such as with oils and creams, work by suppressing or dulling the pain. The idea is for the pain not to be ‘felt’ anymore, rather than eliminating its cause. This is a bit like putting a muffler over a fire alarm rather than extinguishing the fire. Dr Jessica Read combined her understanding of how the body functions from a chiropractic point of view and her knowledge and experience with flower remedies, to create a unique way of dealing with pain.

What is pain?

Pain is basically a signal that the body is not coping with something that is taking place in the body. (We are not referring here to pain from broken bones or other major injuries to the body, which obviously have to be dealt with from an entirely different perspective and require medical/hospital treatment).  Muscular pain, arthritic pain, headaches, bumps and bruises, sprains and repetitive strain injuries, even minor burns and sunburn, all respond well to this approach.

Chiropractic philosophy

Chiropractors choose the name ‘Innate’ when referring to the inherent healing power that all of us have within us. They believe that by reestablishing optimal nerve supply to organs and muscles, by correcting subluxations in the spine (minor displacements of vertebrae causing impingement on spinal nerves) they are strengthening and freeing the Innate. The remarkable results that chiropractic treatment has on many and varied pains and dysfunction patterns does tend to suggest that they could be right. When the healing mechanism in our body is working at its best, we can ‘self-heal’ many ailments.

How flower remedies work

Flower remedies act by reestablishing harmony in the emotions. They don’t suppress negative emotions but rather they return emotions to a state of balance. As a consequence of this,  negative emotions disappear. Flower remedies, like chiropractic adjustments, address imbalances and thereby restore balance to the power of our body’s own healing mechanism.

Chiropractic philosophy and the action of flower remedies combined

Understanding the role of the Innate and how, when empowered, it could promote self-healing, Dr Read decided to treat the physical cells as if they each had their own emotion. Helping the cells ‘feel’ better would help them ‘self-heal’ better. She did this by adding flower remedies to a cream base and applying it to an area of physical pain.

First trial

Dr Read’s first trial patient was a forty-nine year old male who had suffered several whiplash injuries and a disc protrusion in the lower back. Whereas he was over the acute stages of the injuries, he remained in constant pain and was eventually the recipient of an invalid pension. As Dr Read treated him with chiropractic adjustments over many months, she found that his body seemed incapable of holding her corrections. It was as if it, his body,  had forgotten what it was like to be well. Applying some flower remedies mixed in a cream base to his whole spine especially to the areas in trouble helped him not only hold his adjustments but also reduced the physical pain he was suffering from. The flower remedies Dr Read chose were Bach Flowers aimed at the emotions of shock, fear, overwhelm and resignation.

Following her first success, Dr Read pursued this line of thinking and ended up making her own flower remedies’ cream, which was called Nature’s Remedy First Aid Cream. Later on she developed a more comprehensive formula of flower remedies and this became the formula for Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream.

How pain relief creams containing flower remedies work

A flower remedy based pain relief cream contains no substances that suppress or dull pain. It only contains flower remedies, as active ingredients, and the role of these flower remedies is to restore harmonious function to the cells. It is the body’s own healing power, the Innate, that does the healing. For instance:

– If a painful area is hot and inflamed, it requires cooling. You could use products containing peppermint to reduce the heat in the area. With the application of Simply Flower Power Pain Relief cream, the body reduces the heat at its own rate and in just the correct amount. In such cases, people often describe the cream as having ‘a cooling effect’.

– If a painful area is stiff and cold, it requires warming. Products containing ginger, pepper or eucalyptus would help increase the circulation to the area thus bringing in heat. Simply Flower Power Pain Relief cream activates the body’s own healing mechanism to bring the exact amount of extra blood supply to the area without forcing or overdoing the heat. The response from users with these symptoms is that the cream ‘gave them a warm soothing sensation’.

– If the pain has no heat component to it, the flower remedies will simply act by bringing the metabolism back into balance and the pain will vanish without any feeling of warmth or cooling at all. People often say: ‘The pain just isn’t there anymore but I didn’t feel it go away.’

Using flower remedies for pain relief is a unique approach and has the advantage of being totally natural, thus avoiding the use of chemicals and other substances foreign to the body. It has no known side effects and can be used as often as required until substantial or complete pain relief is achieved.

Suggested emotions associated with specific painful conditions

Arthritis: one of the most commonly diagnosed painful conditions is arthritis. There are many types of arthritis and as many emotional states.  However the ending ‘itis’ suggests inflammation and inflammation is often associated with anger, both expressed and suppressed.

Burns: shock and fear are the main emotions found with burns. When these emotions are brought back into balance, the cells are able to heal much faster. This is why the flower remedies in Simply Flower Power speed up the healing effect on minor burns and sunburn.

Repetitive Strain injuries and muscular pain: repetitive strain injuries are caused by ‘too much of the same movement over an extended period of time’. The cells are irritated (mild anger) and exhausted. Fear of experiencing a serious injury, due to excessive tiredness, could also be present. Muscular pain, especially the type caused by over-exercising, would have similar emotions.

Knocks, bumps, bruises, sprains: feelings of shock, fear, confusion would be present in the cells.

NB: The terms flower remedies and flower essences may be used interchangeably.

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