The story of Nature’s Remedy

Nature’s Remedy,  a natural pain relief cream made with flower essences, which was available in Australia during the 1990s and early 2000s. The background of this product is an interesting story of courage and determination and is worth telling.

The two people concerned met while members of a spiritual/mystical organisation. At the time, he was […]

Introduction to animal healing

Jessica Read developed her method of ‘healing animals at a distance’ at the request of clients who lived too far away to be able to visit her in person, or whose animals were too sick to travel.

The animal’s owner usually writes an email describing their pet’s  problems. A photo is also sent and, if […]

Magic cream for foot cramps

Many of my customers tell me that my cream is referred to as the Magic Cream in their family. A few nights ago, I certainly agreed with them…

I had just finished a meal of chicken (free range) when my feet started to cramp. (I have written articles under Diet and Food about how ingesting […]

Eczema and other skin problems

Many people ask me if the Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream can help relieve eczema, psoriasis and other itchy skin complaints. I would like to start by saying that there are usually two causes to skin problems. The first one is a physical one, the second one is an emotional one. The […]

Sunburn and mosquito bites

Now that summer has finally arrived, there is another use for the Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream.

Sunburn: Apply liberally and often after cooling the skin first. You may avoid skin peeling in many instances. However, this is not a sunscreen so please take all necessary precautions to avoid getting sunburned in […]

Toothache remedy

Here are several helpful hints to help you with toothache and the after effects of having been to the dentist.

1. Before going to the dentist, use Tranquility Essence to help with any nervousness. A few drops straight into your mouth a few hours before your visit should help. This may be repeated every 5-10 […]

A different approach to pain relief using the harmonising action of flower essences

Flower essences to relieve physical pain. Addressing the emotional aspect of physical pain. Helping the body to heal itself with flower remedies. Deal with the emotional pain and the physical pain heals itself.

Most pain relief products, whether taken internally as tablets or capsules or whether applied externally, such as with oils and creams, work […]

Ingredients in Simply Flower Power Natural Health Products

Simply Flower Power’s two products, the Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream, and the liquid form, Tranquility Essence, both contain the same basis of twelve flower essences. Each product also contains a homeopathic ingredient. Tranquility Essence contains a few extra flower essences. Below is a detailed description of the contents of each product. Reference books are […]

Description of an holistic healing session

Gentle spinal care.  Long lasting corrections. Chakra balancing. Aura cleansing. Colour healing. Physical and etheric healing methods combined. Connecting the physical body with the etheric body. Etheric pattern healing.

A step by step description of a healing session with Dr Read. Dr Read utilizes a comprehensive and precise method of healing to restore your body […]

Testimonials for Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream

So many stories from such a variety of sources that confirm the beneficial effect of this cream.

Radio interview

An interview with Ernie Sigley on 3AW on the 27th November 2007, during which Ernie related how Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream had relieved a long-standing shoulder pain almost instantaneously, generated a huge amount […]

The benefits of chiropractic care during a detoxification program

Side effects of detoxification. Spinal chart with corresponding organs and symptoms. Best way to detoxify your system.

The effectiveness of any detoxification program will depend on the efficiency of your digestive system organs. In turn, the function of your digestive system’s individual organs is highly reliant on the nerve supply they are receiving. This is […]

Possible dietary causes of arthritis and fibromyalgia

Arthritis and diet. Fibromyalgia and diet. Food to avoid with arthritis. Food to avoid with fibromyalgia. Food as a contributing factor to arthritic pain. Food as a contributing factor to fibromyalgia. Referred pain mimicking arthritis or fibromyalgia. Food intolerances. Hidden causes of arthritis and fibromyalgia. Nuts, Lemonade, Apples,White flour, Saccharine. Aspartame and how they may […]

Why nuts can be bad for you

Side effects of eating nuts. Abdominal pain. Abdominal bloating. Unexplained pain. Pain of unknown origin. Food that may cause muscular aches and pain. Referred pain from organs. Ileo-cecal valve irritation. Pain in right side of abdomen. Elbow pain. Shoulder pain. Foot pain. Mid back pain. Lower back pain.

We are often told to eat nuts […]

The Ileo-cecal valve syndrome

Natural relief of mild abdominal pain. Natural relief of mild abdominal bloating. Possible causes of unexplained musculo-skeletal pain. Pain of unknown origin may be referred pain. Food that may cause muscular aches and pain of unknown origin. Referred pain from organs. Ileo-cecal valve irritation. Possible cause of pain in right side of abdomen. Elbow pain. […]

The Chiropractic Use of Simply Flower Power Cream

Pain relief for chiropractic patients. Natural back pain relief. Natural neck pain relief. Preventative care for back and neck pain. Muscular pain relief. Temporary pain relief. Cream helps chiropractic adjustments last longer naturally.

How chiropractors can use the cream in their practices. Similar information is on the Chiropractic Use page of the website.

There are […]

Best Method of Use of Simply Flower Power Cream

Natural pain relief. Fast pain relief. Natural back pain relief. Natural neck pain relief. Natural arthritis pain relief. Natural chronic pain relief.

This article outlines how, when and how often to apply the cream

Simply Flower Power Pain Relief  & Moisturising Cream

How to apply the cream

The most effective way to use Simply Flower […]