The benefits of chiropractic care during a detoxification program

Side effects of detoxification. Spinal chart with corresponding organs and symptoms. Best way to detoxify your system.

The effectiveness of any detoxification program will depend on the efficiency of your digestive system organs. In turn, the function of your digestive system’s individual organs is highly reliant on the nerve supply they are receiving. This is where chiropractic treatment comes in.

Every organ in the body receives nerve supply via an intricate system of nerves.

The nerves exit the spinal canal between the vertebrae of the spinal column. Any slight pressure on these nerves, or a pulling on the sheath that covers them, may affect the quality of the nerve supply to the organ at the other end of the nerve.

Chiropractic adjustments are aimed at correcting any misplacement of the vertebrae, however slight, that might cause pressure on the nerve exiting at that level. (A vertebral misplacement of this kind is called a ‘subluxation’ in chiropractic terminology.)

For optimum digestive function, it is important that each digestive organ should receive optimum nerve supply. Chiropractic can really help with this. So it is highly recommended that you attend a chiropractor during your detoxification program.

Nerves to organs chart

The level at which the nerves to each digestive organ exists from the spinal column is known. Below is a chart depicting these levels.

How to read the chart

The seven cervical vertebrae are in the neck and will be abbreviated as C.

The twelve thoracic vertebrae are located from the base of the neck to the last rib and will be abbreviated as T.

The five lumbar vertebrae are in the lower back and will be abbreviated as L.

The sacrum is a flat bone at the base of the spine. It is made up of four fused segments and will be abbreviated as S.

Organ Vertebra/nerve supply level Symptoms of dysfunction
Stomach C3 Sore neck as if you have slept on it awkwardly. Torticollis.
Stomach T5 Pain between the shoulder blades.Indigestion. Burping.
Gall bladder T4 Pain between the shoulder blades. Sometimes ache or pain in the shoulders, or around the shoulder blade. Bloating after eating. Inability to digest fatty foods. Sometimes elbow pain.
Liver T8 Pain at the level of the lower part of the shoulder blades. Sometimes also headaches of a heavy nature. Nausea/vomiting.
Spleen T7 Pain between the shoulder blades. Tiredness after eating. Feeling of coldness unrelated to temperature of the environment.
Pancreas T6 Pain between the shoulder blades. Sweet tooth. Feeling tired after eating.
Small intestine T10 and L4 and S4 Tenderness around the last few ribs. Low back pain, which can be quite sharp on certain movements as if the area is very fragile. Can be associated with diarrhea or constipation.
Large intestine L2  and S2 Low back pain often of a dull heavy nature. Sometimes pain over the sacrum.
Ileo-cecal valve L1 and S1 Pain at the level of the lower ribs. Lower back pain of a heavy dragging nature, which comes and goes in no set pattern and is not alleviated by changes in position like stretching back or leaning forward or even resting. Soreness on the sacrum, just below L5.

During a detoxification program, your digestive system will work harder to eliminate toxins. The organs involved may be the liver, gall bladder and large and small intestine. Also kidneys, lungs and skin. So you could experience pain in the back while this is taking place.

There are several things you can do to help alleviate referred pain to the back:

  1. Drink more water to flush your system and help it dilute the toxins.
  2. Have your chiropractor adjust your spine as required.
  3. Have a gentle massage to help release the muscular tension.
  4. Have a foot reflexology session and ask for the digestive system in particular to be worked on.
  5. Apply Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream to the area of pain in the back or neck and also over the organs themselves (applying cream over the whole abdomen will reach most of the digestive organs). This will help release the stress in the cells and enhance your own body’s healing power.

Detoxifying your body is an important part of any health enhancement plan. It may be uncomfortable and even trying at times if you have a lot of toxins in your body. You may feel physically ill and emotionally up and down as the toxins are released into your blood system to be excreted in the most efficient way your body chooses (this can be via bowel movements, via the urine, or even via the skin and breath). However, detoxifying your body is worth all the discomfort you may go through. The end result is a feeling of cleanliness, bountiful energy, youth and a general sense of feeling happy to be alive.

The last step in the program is the most important: take measures to avoid returning to that toxic state! Keep up the healthy eating patterns, exercise regularly, breathe lots of fresh air of varying kinds (sea and forest air contain different ions and cleanse your lungs and blood system in different ways) and you will be able to maintain your new found health and vitality with much less effort than it takes to detoxify!

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