Description of an holistic healing session

Gentle spinal care.  Long lasting corrections. Chakra balancing. Aura cleansing. Colour healing. Physical and etheric healing methods combined. Connecting the physical body with the etheric body. Etheric pattern healing.

A step by step description of a healing session with Dr Read. Dr Read utilizes a comprehensive and precise method of healing to restore your body and etheric pattern to a state of harmony.

The following is a detailed description of a typical healing session. There will obviously be variations depending on the needs of each client.

Patient preparation

The patient remains fully clothed at all times. It is best to wear light clothing where possible so that the physical body may be easily felt through it. Necklaces and any heavy jewellery are removed. No wallets in back pockets as this creates an uneven surface to lie on. Shoes are also removed. In summer it is recommended to bring a pair of light socks to wear over bare feet. Tying hair up in a pony tail to expose the neck is helpful.

The patient lies down one their back, face turned towards the ceiling, on a comfortable well-padded massage table, with a small pillow under their head. They may be covered with a blanket if they feel the need for this. Everything is done to make them feel as comfortable as possible so that they can relax and truly reap the benefits of their healing session. The temperature of the room is kept at a comfortable level with the use of a silent heater (not one that is noisy and keeps cutting in and out) in winter and a ‘quiet as possible’ air conditioner during the summer, as required.

Aura clearing and balancing

The healing session starts with an aura clearing and balancing. Many patients carry a lot of stress in the energy surrounding their physical body, leaving them feeling tired, tense and sometimes confused and overwhelmed. De-stressing the aura and removing/clearing any strong areas of negativity/heaviness, results in a refocusing and relaxing of the patient both in their own feelings and in the way they present to the healer. Most patients express this as feeling calmer and lighter in themselves.

Spinal check

Once the aura has become clearer, Dr Read will check the physical state/position of the pelvis, vertebrae of the spine and cranial bones (bones that make up the skull), and make a note of this. No correction is performed at this stage.

Chakra check

The state of the chakras is checked next. Dr Read uses a system of ten chakras instead of the most common seven. The extra chakras are highly spiritual, one being the Soul chakra, located between the Heart and Throat chakras. The other two extra chakras are situated above the Crown chakra and are named Nexus and Cosmos.

If any (one, several or all of them) of the chakras show a need for a balance, this is undertaken immediately. Dr Read uses chakra vibrational drops, which she made from harnessing energies found in various surroundings in nature.

If some chakras continue to show the need for a balance, crystals, flower remedies, colours, sound or other natural means, are added to achieve the balance.

Structural corrections

Once the etheric body (aura and chakras) has become more settled, the structural corrections take place. Often it is found that the reading has changed. A pelvic tilt may now show as a twist, cranial corrections may no longer be indicated.  (upper chakras such as the Brow, Crown, Nexus, Cosmos, when unbalanced, can cause or mimic a cranial bone dysfunction. When the chakra energy is corrected, the cranial indication also disappears). This shows how much the etheric pattern’s imbalances can affect the physical pattern. A much deeper and longer lasting physical correction is achieved following this method of approach.

Wedged blocks, as per Sacro-occipital Technique (S.O.T.), are used to adjust the pelvis. No side posture adjustment is necessary or used with this method. This is more comfortable for the patient and less demanding on the practitioner’s own back. And most importantly, this is a very effective way of adjusting the pelvic bones for a longer lasting and stronger correction without adding stress to the area.

Spinal corrections

The patient now turns over to lie on their stomach. Again, everything is done to ensure maximum comfort. A soft slit pillow is placed under the face for extra cushioning. If the feet do not reach the end of the table, a large pillow is placed under the lower legs and feet, so that the back is under no extra strain.

Leg length is first checked and the sacrum is adjusted if there is a discrepancy in the length of the two legs.

Every vertebra from the last lumbar to the first cervical is checked and adjusted as indicated. The adjustments are very gentle and precise. (Patients say that this feels like a Bowen correction, for those who have experienced this method.) Dr Read does not use an activator (impulse instrument), as she prefers to feel the vertebra with her hands and thus monitor the amount of pressure more precisely. The direction of the adjustment is precisely worked out before the adjustment is performed. Using this method, only very slight pressure is necessary to correct vertebral mis-alignments. This method of adjusting vertebrae is comfortable for the patient and the practitioner, as well as being extremely effective.

Organ destressing

Nodules or little bumps on the back of the head at the base of the skull have been found to correspond to specific vertebrae and to specific organs (this technique is abbreviated as C.M.R.T. in the S.O.T. method of chiropractic). Rubbing the nodules gently, while holding hand/finger contact on the vertebra related to each nodule, has the effect of releasing nerve energy to the corresponding organ. Many times, pain or discomfort in the back in particular in the muscles either side of the spine, is caused not so much by a vertebral misplacement but by referred tension from an organ in trouble (low energy, not working properly, temporarily upset, etc).

Application of Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream

Before the patient turns over, Dr Read’s cream is applied to the back of the skull as well as all over the neck and back. Clothing is gently lifted to achieve this. No disrobing is necessary.

The cream helps ‘seal’ the adjustments (making them longer lasting) as well as having a relaxing effect on the muscles and skin.

Further checks while lying on back

The pelvis, cranial bones and chakras are all checked again and any new corrections required are applied. As different parts of the body return to a healthier state, others are able to show that they also need some help. Many times a new pelvic adjustment is required and some chakras may need further balancing.

Final cranial hold

Once all checks are okay, a final cranial hold is performed, to settle the pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid as felt on the different cranial bones (frontal, temporal, sphenoid, parietal, occipital).

Flower essences

Patients presenting with emotional issues are checked for flower essences. A formula specific to their needs is made up, which they will take home with them and use as prescribed – usually four drops in a little water three times a day for about six weeks. Bach Flower Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Californian Flower Essences may be used as part of this mixture.

Many patients are also advised to take home a bottle of Tranquility Essence, a general calming mixture of flower essences, created by Dr Read, which can be used in many varied situations. Addressing emotional issues at the same time as physical and etheric issues, ensures that this is a truly holistic approach to the patient’s whole being. After all, all our aspects are interrelated.

Referrals to other practitioners

Patients may be advised to consult other healing practitioners at the same time or after their visits to Dr Read have ended. Naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, kinesiologists are some of the practitioners Dr Read refers her patients to for extra help.

Length of visits and number of visits required

First visits usually last one and a half hours to two hours. Case history forms are sent out to the patient ahead of time (by email or post) so that they can complete them in their own time at home. These are then discussed during the first consultation. Treatment is always also given on the first visit.

Subsequent visits are of one-hour duration.

The number of visits required varies with the patients and their presenting symptoms. A minimum of three visits at weekly intervals is usually advised. If required, further visits at two weekly intervals progressing towards longer intervals of time may be recommended.

Children and babies visits are kept to a minimum length of time for the child’s benefit. Dr Read remembers only too well how bored her own son used to become when he was taken to healers as a small child!


If you have X-rays, you may bring them to your first visit with the report for Dr Read to have a look at.

Children and babies

Dr Read has much expertise with the holistic healing care of babies and children. Her own two children required a lot of work in this area and she was uniquely positioned in that she was both the chiropractor and the mother observing the symptoms and the effect of her treatment on her children. As such, she developed some unique ways of adjusting.

Dr Read likes to make the experience in her clinic an enjoyable one. Reluctant teenagers leave their session asking if they can come back again soon or, to the amazement of the parents, thanking their mother or father for bringing them in! Younger siblings frequently demand their turn on the massage table.

Dr Read believes babies can be checked from birth and corrections applied as indicated. Her own two children suffered from cranial and pelvic dysfunctions from birth, even though their births were un-traumatic. It is this experience that has convinced her that early detection of problems is invaluable for all babies.  Checking the mother at the same time is also recommended as so often the mother and baby present themselves with the same distortion patterns. The connection between the two is very strong!

Health Benefits Rebates

As Dr Read no longer works as a chiropractor, due to the fact that her work incorporates so much that is not chiropractic, patients may no longer claim her receipts with Private Health companies. Once Reiki is admitted as an healing modality worthy of rebates, her receipts may again be acceptable.

Insurance work

Dr Read does not take on TAC (Traffic Accident Claims) work or patients who are recipients of Workers Compensation payments.

Absent healing

Absent or distant healing (healing at a distance) is now available and is proving very popular with people who are time poor or simply live too far to attend the clinic. The patient’s etheric image is projected onto the massage table and corrections are applied as if the patient were present. Dr Read has been practising this method of absent healing for many years on friends and family and is now ready to offer it to a wider audience.

To enquire about your eligibility for an absent healing, please write an email to Dr Read, explaining your condition and why you are interested in using this option. Go to the Contact Us page to send an email.

NB: The information in this text is of a general nature only. Each patient is treated on his/her own merit according to his/her presenting symptoms and condition.

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