We have been testing the storage of the jar of cream over ten years and have found that the best place is in one of the covered shelves (butter shelf) of the fridge door.

On a daily basis and if you use the cream frequently, it is fine to keep it at room temperature. On hot days however, we advise refrigeration. We also highly recommend refrigeration for any spare jars of cream you may have bought in advance of having to use them.

The reason for this is that the oils in the cream are affected by heat/warmth over time and tend to turn the cream a little yellow. This does not affects the efficacy of the cream as the flower essences and homeopathic ingredients are not altered by time or heat.

The cream in the jars that were stored in the refrigerator remained as good as new even three years later.

People of all ages may and do use this cream. It has been observed to alleviate pain in both mild and severe conditions and the active ingredients are totally natural.

Yes, if you are pregnant you may use the cream on your back ache or any other ache or pain. It is one of the few pain relieving creams that is not contra-indicated during pregnancy. If in doubt, show the list of ingredients (article 9) to your doctor and ask him for his advice.