There are several ways in which you can take the Tranquility Essence:

– two to four drops straight into the mouth as required. This is the best way to take it if you are feeling very tense or upset and you don’t have a glass of water handy to dilute the drops. You can do this every five to ten minutes until you feel better. Usually three to four times would be sufficient to return you to a calm state. I have often used this method when driving in difficult conditions. Another situation is when I am visiting a loved one in hospital or taking an ill pet to the vet.

– add three to five drops to a glass of water and sip this water over half a day (about four hours). If you are having a very trying day, make up a new glass every four to five hours. This method has often helped me when I have had a very busy day in the office or in my clinic. By the end of the day, I am not nearly as tired as when I forget to do this.

– if you have physical pain and don’t have any Pain Relief Cream handy, you could put a few drops of Tranquility Essence on the painful area and the pain may decrease or even go away completely.

Tranquility Essence contains purified water and ethanol. As thus it does not require refrigeration. Flower essences are almost always contained in a mixture of alcohol and water which does not date. It is safe to use the drops past their Use By Date. Dr Read is in possession of Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers that are over ten years old and are still as potent as ever. It is however advisable to keep them away from direct sunlight and electrical appliances which could possibly affect the flower essences’ vibrations.

Flower essences bring your emotional energy back into balance. If your emotions are not ‘out of balance’, the flower essences have a neutral effect. Follow the recommended doses whenever possible but if you drink the whole glass of water in one hour instead of four or five it shouldn’t cause you any problem. This is a totally natural product.

Most chronic skin problems are worsened by stress. By taking Tranquility Essence drops in conjunction with other treatments, whether medical or natural, the emotional component of the problem may be relieved thus lessening the severity of the skin reaction to stress. By using the Tranquility Essence drops internally in conjunction with the Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream, many eczema sufferers have been able to reduce the need for the more medicated types of cream.

Yes, just reduce the amount recommended by at least half for very young children and babies. You could put two drops in a restless baby’s bottle for instance or add three to four drops to a child’s school water bottle. Older children studying for exams may be helped by sipping Tranquility Essence while they are studying and then using it as drops straight into the mouth during the exam.

Yes. Pet animals in particular are very sensitive to their owner’s moods so if you are upset, they may feel this and become upset too. A few drops straight into their mouth or on an area of their body where they would be likely to lick it off, may help them not be so affected by your distress. Adding a few drops to a pet’s water bowl on a daily basis may help an agitated animal regain some calmness. The symptoms of separation anxiety may be decreased by using Tranquility Essence. Wild animals may be treated in a similar manner.

Rescue Remedy was designed to be used in extreme emergency situations and contains only five flower essences. Tranquility Essence contains many more flower essences in a smaller concentration (fourteen in all) plus some Camomille in homeopathic form so it is a more all rounded mixture. It works well in emergency situations but is also very good for every day ups and downs. A similar observation could be made of the use of the Australian Bush Flowers Emergency Essence compared to Tranquility Essence.