Introduction to animal healing

Jessica Read developed her method of ‘healing animals at a distance’ at the request of clients who lived too far away to be able to visit her in person, or whose animals were too sick to travel.

The animal’s owner usually writes an email describing their pet’s  problems. A photo is also sent and, if known, the animal’s birth date is included as Dr Read is then able to add a numerology reading to her healing work.

Dr Read ‘calls  in’, in her mind, the energy pattern of the animal. She uses a ‘kinesiology type finger muscle test’ to check that the energy pattern has arrived onto the surface she will be using for her healing.

Dr Read then proceeds to use the same kinesiology type finger testing to check the spine, chakras and aura of the animal for any ‘disharmonious patterns’. This is a precise testing method so the corrections applied are also extremely precise. Where problems are found, she corrects them, just as if the animal’s physical body were present. This takes imagination, strong powers of visualisation, and trust, skills that Dr Read has refined and perfected over many years of practice.

Sometimes she is able to talk to the animal and hear its response, in her mind of course.

When all the elements she works on have been returned to a state of balance, the energy pattern of the animal is sent back to him/her and Dr Read thanks him/her for his/her cooperation.

The results have been quite surprising and very satisfactory. Some animals sleep a lot after the treatment, others appear happier and livelier. The problem they presented with usually disappears within a few days. Flower remedies may be recommended to address emotional problems. Flower remedies are particularly well suited to animals.

A detailed summary of the treatment is emailed to the owner and may also be discussed over the telephone. Owners are often amazed at what Dr Read is able to detect and how accurate her findings are when compared to their own knowledge of their animal’s state of well being. The numerology readings are also uncannily accurate.

As with humans, Dr Read recommends at least one follow up treatment to make sure nothing else needs correcting. Usually the treatments hold long term and only one to three treatments are required.