Magic cream for foot cramps

Many of my customers tell me that my cream is referred to as the Magic Cream in their family. A few nights ago, I certainly agreed with them…

I had just finished a meal of chicken (free range) when my feet started to cramp. (I have written articles under Diet and Food about how ingesting various foods can create muscular pain in seemingly unrelated parts of the body. I rarely eat chicken so I associate the cramps in my feet that evening to the chicken. I can’t explain why eating chicken gives me foot cramps, but it certainly did that night and has done in the past. Lamb has the same effect only the cramps are in the calve muscles).

Both of my feet kept ‘crunching up’ and I couldn’t walk without crying out ‘Ouch!’ with every step. I swallowed a Magnesium tablet, sucked on some sea salt crystals, both recommended natural treatments for the relief  of cramped muscles, to no avail. After twenty minutes of worsening rather than lessening pain, I grabbed my jar of Simply Flower Power cream, which luckily was not far as I couldn’t have walked to the other end of the house to fetch it, I would have had to crawl… I applied the cream to my feet and calves and in under one minute ! the pain disappeared and… it never came back!!! I could hardly believe it myself. So, yes, I agree, I should have named it the Magic Cream!