A brand new product available only directly from Simply Flower Power.

25g jar – $40

Active ingredients: Five flower essences aimed at overcoming worry and grief, neutralising shock and increasing self-appreciation and self-love.

Base: A soft white odourless aqueous cream easily absorbed by the skin.

Method of use: rub into wrists or temples for an instant ‘pick-me-up’. Just a dab is required so  25g goes a long way.

Indications: whenever you feel the need for a lift in your mental or emotional state, this simple formula of flower essences (all made by Dr Jessica Read) may give you a new zest for living and add a spring to your step!


I received my jar of Feel Good Cream today and applied some to my wrists as you mentioned to do, which is a good idea. I realised after a few minutes that I wanted to keep rubbing the skin on my wrists as the area that had the cream on it felt so good and comforted. I don’t know exactly how to put it in words but the cream is gold! Congratulations on such a wonderful product (as is the Pain Relief Cream and the Tranquility Essence).

Connie Fratini, Unley, South Australia