An all natural pain relief cream which doubles up as a moisturizing cream of superior quality. Two amazing applications in the one jar.


You may use this cream for a wide range of conditions requiring relief from physical discomfort or pain, whether long standing or recently acquired.

Our customers have applied our cream to alleviate some of the following situations with great results:

  • Joint pain and muscular aches.
  • Pain in the back, neck or head including some types of headache, and whiplash.
  • Sport related aches and pains e.g. runners’ calf pain or muscle soreness after a workout at the gym, sprains.
  • Minor physical ailments such as bruising or sudden hits e.g. after a fall or a knock. Children seem to respond especially well.
  • Insect bites. We have had reports of almost instant relief and have experienced this ourselves.
  • Mild indigestion, when applied to stomach area. We recommend applying it to the neck and upper back as well because many nerves to the digestive organs originate here.
  • Tummy aches, a variety of types including those associated with chronic conditions such as irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia.
  • Minor burns such as iron burns, kitchen and hot water burns or sunburn  Always cool first by running cold water over the burn until completely cold. (Please note that the cream is not directed at preventing sunburn but has been observed to speed up the healing after a sunburn has occurred).
  • Pain associated with diabetes and multiple sclerosis has been reported to have responded well with satisfactory pain relief being experienced. People have also told us that it has helped them with the varying muscular aches and pains felt after chemotherapy.
  • The pain of shingles has also responded extremely well.
  • Has helped relieve the discomfort of colicky tummy aches in babies and minor tummy aches in children.
  • Aching feet from long hours of standing or walking seem to relax. Even the pain of heel spurs has subsided.
  • Growing pains in children’s legs often reduce in severity.
  • Repetitive strain injuries in wrists and shoulders become less painful.
  • The swelling of feet and legs experienced during long flights seems to be reduced if the cream is applied before the flight and upon arrival. During the flight, cream may also be applied if convenient.

This cream as some unique attributes which set it apart from other similar products

Multipurpose – one product has many uses. Relieves a variety of types of pain as well as being a moisturising cream of superior quality.

Pain Relief applications

  • Usually works fast after initial application. Several applications within ten minutes to half an hour increase the effectiveness of the cream.
  • Does not have a strong smell. “No pong”! Very light lavender oil scent.
  • Is not greasy or oily. No greasy marks left on clothes or sheets!
  • Penetrates the skin very easily and leaves it feeling soft and pliable.
  • Any excess can be rubbed into the hands as a hand cream instead of having to be washed off.
  • Contains all natural active ingredients: homeopathic St John’s Wort and flower essences. It contains no animal derived products, such as lanolin, and no ‘nasties’ such as palm oil, silicones, parabeens, sodium laurel sulphate or mineral oil. No artificial fragrances either.
  • Is classed as an ethical product both for its contents (only high quality ingredients are used) and for the manner in which it is packaged (minimum packaging, all recyclable, jars are made of polypropylene and as such they do not contain any BPA).
  • Pain relief is approached from several angles: the flower essences address the emotional aspect, St John’s Wort 6x (homeopathic form not the oil or the herbal preparation) relieves the nerve pain and the lavender oil helps reduce inflammation.Moisturising Cream applications
  • Doubles as a high quality moisturizing facial cream which can be used on the face daily under foundation
  • Apply after shaving for men.
  • Many women apply it after shaving their legs or underarms as a soothing after shave cream.
  • Is also an excellent hand and foot cream, leaving the skin nourished and re-hydrated thus helping to prevent cracked dry skin from developing.
    Use it several times a day in winter to prevent the drying-out of nail cuticles.
  • Comes in a 100g jar which goes a long way thus being cost effective.
  • Is as good or better than many of the more expensive moisturizing creams.

What other product does all of the above?

  • Suitable for all ages. For babies or people with very sensitive skin, we advise you to test it first on a small area of skin to make sure there is no reaction, as you would when trying any other new product for the first time. Some people are extremely sensitive to lavender – and they usually are well aware of this – so this would apply to them too.
  • Apply the cream to an area of discomfort or pain and spread well. It does not need to be massaged in as it is absorbed very quickly.
  • Usually works very fast, within a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the type of pain.
  • Several applications over a short period of time, e.g. every five to ten minutes, is advisable for more severe pain. In situations of chronic pain, the time span between applications seems to become longer and longer as time goes by.
  • Best method of use of Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream

The cream contains:

  • Flower essences made from a mixture of Australian Natives and plants of European origin.
  • St John’s Wort 6x (homeopathic form).
  • Essential oil of Lavender.
  • In a natural moisturizing cream base.

As the oils in the cream are natural, the cream may change colour a little with age. To avoid this and also to increase the longevity of the cream base, we advise use to keep your jar of cream refrigerated. (The ‘butter shelf’ in the door of some fridges is an excellent spot.) The efficacy of the cream is not altered over time so the cream may still be used for pain relief even when the colour has altered.

Full list of ingredients


Helps with all kinds of aches and pains

I have been using Simply Flower Power Cream for many years. I rub it on my shoulder, elbow and neck after playing bowls, to relieve the aches and prevent stiffness from developing. It also stops the clicking in my elbow.

My wife has now started to use it on her arthritic hands. The cream makes them feel much better and she can use her walker more easily.

We both swear by this cream. We told a lady at our RSL club recently, who was complaining about aches and pains, that if this cream didn't work for her, nothing would! So she bought a jar and it worked for her!!

Thank you so much for making such a great product.

Neville and Betty Smith, North Dandenong, Vic

Helps with all kinds of pain including knee pain and burns

I would like to tell you about Jessica Read's cream. It is so good. I would not be without it. Even when I go out in my car, I always have a jar with me. Here are some examples of how we use it in my home.

A good friend of mine, who is helping her husband do some building, had pain in her thumbs and on the inside of her wrists. We rubbed the Simply Flower Power cream on them and she was over the moon at how fast it worked. She was pain free for the rest of her weekend visit with us.

Another friend, who was visiting at the same time, fell and broke her knee cap a few months earlier and had just had the steel screws removed. She was also in pain so we gently smothered her knee in cream and what a difference it made! Her knee was very swollen and raw-looking to begin with. After we applied the cream, the swelling went down a little and a lot of bruising came out. Her pain diminished to a very mild ache. She could even bend her knee a bit. She was very impressed!

I must tell you about my grandson too. He is twenty years old. He was messing around with his friends racing an old car around on a few acres of his Mum's property. They stopped the car and my grandson leaned over the motor. Just as he did, the radiator hose burst and burnt him very badly from his shoulder to his hip. He was in hospital for one week. He came to visit me and showed me his burn. It was healing but still had a lot of dead skin and looked very dry. I put cream on it every day for the six days of his visit and when he left, there was only a pink flush where the burn had been. This cream is the best ever!!

Julie A., Mukinbudin, W.A.

Helps aching fingers

I have been using Simply Flower Power for many years. It relieves the aches in my fingers. I can't use many creams on my skin because it is very sensitive. Simply Flower Power does not upset it at all. It is very good. I live in an aged care facility and I like to tell other people about it too.

J.C. , Spring Gully, Vic

Relieves cramps in legs

You sent me a sample of your Simply Flower Power cream a few months ago. My mother wanted to try it to relieve her occasional leg cramps. Recently she had reason to try it and found it gave her great relief. Thank you very much for your cream as we have found that there aren't many products that truly help with cramps.

Fiona, NSW

Pain Relief Cream good for whole family

Over the last couple of years my three daughters, my wife and even my mother have all been patients of Jessica Read's and we have all attained fantastic and positive results through her treatments and importantly with using her products, which she has developed herself.

My family and I love Jessica's Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream. We all use it for various aches and pains. I like to share it with my friends and relatives as well. They are all amazed at how effective it is and love it when I buy them a jar or two, especially my nephew who is often bruised and sore from soccer training. I also highly recommend the Tranquility Essence and find it equally excellent for all sorts of occasions - we always have a bottle on hand.

I am so grateful that an acquaintance of mine referred me to Jessica.

Paul Mercurio, Actor.

Relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis pain

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have tried EVERY cream on the market - seriously - every single one available - to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Simply Flower Power cream is the only one that has given me relief. Others have given me momentary relief but Simply Flower Power has eased my pain in a gentle but significant way. My pain resides at about 3 to 4 out of 10 in intensity, on a good day, and 11 out of 10 -screaming crying pain - on bad days. So I have applied this cream in all these instances and it has made a difference, giving me relief.

I have told my chiropractor about it and asked him to stock it to help other people and I tell everyone else about it as well. I am very grateful to the friend who gave me my first jar to try.

D.G. Qld

Applies before make up for smoother skin

I run a beauty salon and do hair and make up for weddings. I like to apply Simply Flower Power as a skin preparation before I apply any foundation. I find it works really well. The cream penetrates the skin quickly and seems to leave it relaxed as well as smooth and soft. I use it myself on a daily basis. I am really happy with it and recommend it to my clients.

L. P. Ormeau, Qld

Relieves the itchiness of eczema in teenage son

My sixteen years old son suffers from severe allergies which gives him hives and eczema. I have been using the Rescue Remedy cream with some good results but was searching for something that would work even better. I came across your product and decided to try it. It certainly relieved the itchiness in the skin. I only apply it on unbroken skin so that it doesn't sting. Now that his skin doesn't itch so much, my son is no longer scratching and the lesions are starting to heal nicely. I also used it on  my sore neck and it helped a lot. My husband suffers from cramps and he is going to try it too. I am so happy to have found such a good natural product and am going to tell the teachers and other parents at my son's school.

Editor's note. The lavender in the cream may sting if the skin is broken as was described in this letter. If you would like some cream without lavender to use on eczema or other skin conditions that may expose the under layers of the dermis, please call Simply Flower Power and we will prepare a jar especially for you without lavender.

G.K. Frankston South, Vic

Helps with pain in feet and legs from diabetes

I am a diabetic and find Simply Flower Power excellent for relieving the pain in my feet and legs that comes with the diabetes. I find it also helps when my skin becomes itchy from being so dry. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product which allows me to be almost pain free without taking excessive medication.

M.C. Nannup, W.A.

Gives cream to relatives overseas

I was an avid user of Nature's Remedy First Aid cream. When it was no longer available, I started using Simply Flower Power cream and was equally happy with the results it gave me. I visit my relatives in Hungary nearly every year and always take some for my cousin. Having tried cream from my jar during one of my visits, she now insists that I bring a couple of jars over to her when I visit. She loves it. So it's not only Australians who benefit from Simply Flower Power cream!

I. P. Tahmoor, NSW

Relief from knee pain, injured in a fall

My daughter, age 40, recently had a bad fall and injured her knee. After X-rays and other tests, her doctor told her that there was no fracture and that only time would heal it. As it was still hurting a lot, I recommended she use some of my Simply Flower Power cream. She didn't want to at first because she preferred using painkillers. As she was still in a lot of pain after a few weeks, she decided to try it and was very surprised with the amount of relief she felt. She has now asked me to buy her a jar of her own! I am very happy that she came around and decided to give this great cream a try!

L.G. Wyndham, NSW

Helps with fibromyalgia pain

I suffer from fibromyalgia and am taking medication for the pain. I use Simply Flower Power two to three times a week as well. It seems to work during the night and makes me feel better. I can't explain exactly what it does, but I know that it helps in conjunction with the medication. I used it years ago to help me recover from a car accident so when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I decide to use it again and I am really happy that I did. Thank you for making this great product.

E.H.Inverloch, Vic

Psoriasis on leg completely cleared up

I was given a sample of Simply Flower Power by a lady from my yoga class. After calling you to find out if it would help my psoriasis, I decided to go ahead and buy a jar. You told me that it might help the emotional aspect of the skin problem and so relieve it partially. Well, it did more than that... My skin was 'red raw' when I first started using the cream about three months ago, and now it has completely cleared up. It doesn't even itch anymore so I no longer have to use the cream. I have told many of my friends about your cream as I think it is magic! My mother has also started using it for dry skin on her feet. She feels it helps her a lot. I plan to have her try it on her hands which are a bit arthritic. Thank you for this remarkable cream.

Editor's note. This case shows a dramatic improvement in a severe case of psoriasis. Not all cases will respond as well as this but the cream is definitely worth trying for eczema and psoriasis alike.

M.S. Doncaster, Vic

Pain relief is surprisingly long lasting. Even better than Nature's Remedy.

My wife and I were avid users of Nature's Remedy for many years. When it went off the market, we decided to try the new version, Simply Flower Power. Whereas we used to use Nature's Remedy frequently - it seemed like we were always reaching the bottom of the jar - this has not been the case with Simply Flower Power. When we first started using it, we needed it quite often to relieve our various aches and pains. Gradually, however, we needed it less and less. I believe some deep healing took place and I am amazed at how well this cream works. So many of our aches and pains are no longer present. I didn't think there could be an improvement on Nature's Remedy but now I believe Simply Flower Power is just that. You forget the pain once the cream has been applied. Amazing! I am really happy that I gave it a try.

Editors note: Nature's Remedy contained four flower essences whereas Simply Flower Power contains twelve. So many more emotional states are addressed in the latter. This is why Simply Flower Power usually works faster, the pain relief lasts longer and very often, after a few uses (how many depends on the person and the problem), the pain disappears completely.

B. Mc K. Christchurch. New Zealand

Only cream that helps arthritis when it gets bad

My husband and I have been using Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream for many years. We first discovered it in a souvenir store in the Sherbrooke Forest in the Victorian Dandenong Ranges (Grants on Sherbrooke, Kallista). My husband suffers from arthritis and when it gets really bad, this cream is the only one that helps relieve the pain and he has tried many different lotions, creams and ointments over the years. I use it for a recurrent low back problem with great success. I have also used it for a bad shoulder. We decided to try it when the owner of the souvenir store told us that local people kept coming back for more when they ran out. I now do the same, only I usually buy it on line!

C.T. Boyne Island, Qld

Helped 'Phantom Pain' - reflex sympathetic dystrophy

I have been using Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising cream for the past five years, ever since my father heard Ernie Sigley recommend it on his afternoon show on 3AW. I tell everyone about it as I find it so useful. We have use it for headaches, back strain, neck ache, mosquito bites, sunburn. It even helped relieve phantom pain (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) a few years ago. I can't recommend this cream more highly and I am very pleased to be able to purchase it at my local health food store.

T.B. Wyndham Vale, Vic.

Spider bite and other insect bites

I have been using your cream, Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream  for many aches and pains with great success, for many years. I also want to let you know how much it helps with insect bites. I recently was bitten by a spider when bringing the rubbish bins in and the cream helped reduce the pain and swelling. As I am a magnet for mosquito bites as well, your cream is a lifesaver! Thank you so much for making it.

H. A. Ballan, Vic

Varicose veins

I have been using Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream to help relieve the pain of varicose veins in my legs. I find it very effective. There is nothing else that really helps. Thank you for your product.

N.C. Mt Martha

Aches and pains during hospital stay, kept skin nourished in closed atmosphere

I have been using your cream for many years. In fact I used to use Nature's Remedy when it first came out too. I wouldn't be without it. Recently, it was of even greater help to me as I had a fall and fractured my knee and some toes and bones at the top of my foot. During my hospital stay, I asked the nurses to rub some of your cream on my back when it was sore from too much time in bed and also on the top of my foot. It felt so good! I also used it daily on my face and the nurses kept commenting on  how good my skin looked, even though I hadn't been wearing any make up for several weeks due to the hospital stay. I think they might be wanting some too after seeing how much it help me! Thank you again for your kindness in sending me some more cream while I was in hospital. By the way, I am ninety three years of age!

H.S. Brighton, Vic.

Helps elbow pain, night leg pains, back fusion pain

I received the jar of cream you sent me and it gave me the relief I needed almost immediately. I really rely on your product as on top of the elbow pain, I also have back fusion and my legs ache at night. Your cream is the only thing that will help. Thank you again for your help, you truly are a gifted angel!

D.A.. Zetland, NSW

Helps heal breast surgery scars. Also knee pain and swelling

I recently had a breast reduction operation. I was given a jar of Simply Flower Power to help the scars heal. I was amazed at how well they healed after I started applying the cream to them so I also put the cream all over my breasts. I thought that they would have suffered some shock too. I could really feel the difference. I am going to let my surgeon know about your cream. I also used it on my knees because they tend to swell if I am on my feet for a long period of time. Again the result was almost miraculous - the pain went away and the swelling went down much faster than usual. Thank you for this wonderful cream!

N.M.A. Los Angeles, California, USA

Named 'Wonder cream" by Austrian user!

My aunt, who lives in Austria, bought a jar of your cream during a visit to Australia years ago. She loves it so much that she asks me to bring her a few jars every time I visit. She calls it the 'Wonder Cream' so it must be good!

J.M. Tullamarine, Vic.

Helps with Rheumatoid Arthritis pain

My 88 year old mother has suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years. Since discovering the Simply Flower Power cream, she has consistently told me that this is the best pain relief cream she has ever used. She still takes prescription medications but the cream helps by diminishing the pain. She always keeps a spare jar so as not to run out. Thank you!

K.A. Surrey Hills, Vic.

Hit in the face by a dog's head!

I recently attended a dog massage course. The first dog I worked on was a bit nervous and she suddenly jerked her had back violently, hitting her hard muzzle on my upper lip just below my nose. I was stunned for a moment and thought I might have a blood nose. Luckily I didn't and as soon as I could get away I went to a mirror and applied some of my Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream to the area that was hit. There was already a small egg shaped bump forming. Immediately the cream was applied, the bump diminished, as did the pain. I applied the cream a second time about twenty minutes later and that was all I had to do. There was no mark left and the next day I wouldn't even have known that I had been hit. I was very happy that I had thought of bringing a small jar of cream with me to the workshop as this time I was the one who needed it most!

Jessica Read. Creator of Simply Flower Power.

Relieves pain in hands

A friend of mine recently gave me a jar of Simply Flower Power cream when I told her how the pain in my hands was increasing. I tried it and found it to be fantastic. I have now purchased two jars of my own so that I don't run out. It's a shame more people don't know about this cream as it is so good for the kind of pain I suffer from, which is often found in people of my age group.

M.H. Cranbourne Park, Vic.


My mother suffers severely from shingles. The owner of my local post office told me about Simply Flower Power cream and that she had heard that it helped shingles. I purchased a jar from Dr Read together with a bottle of Tranquility Essence. Dr Read advised me that it would be helpful to use the cream on the shingles' rash and to take the Tranquility Essence internally to reduce the stress that both caused the shingles in the first place and was now worsened by the pain of the shingles themselves. I am pleased to report that my mother was very pleased with both and that she is feeling a lot better now.

Name unknown. Met at Post Office Mt Martha, Vic.

Hot water bottle burn

While I was filling my hot water bottle one night, my hand slipped and I poured boiling over it. As I was away from home at the time, I was a bit nervous and this is probably why it happened. Remembering my first aid knowledge, I ran cold water over the hand until it it felt really cold than lathered it with Simply Flower Power cream. The pain diminished to almost nothing. The next morning, the burned area was hardly visible. I couldn't wait to let you know. This cream really is marvellous and saved me from a lot of trouble.

(NB. Always consult a doctor for severe burns)

M. A. Frankston, age 87.

Relief from kitchen burn

When I burnt the palm of my hand on the base of a hot saucepan, which I hadn't realized had been sitting on a hot plate, I immediately cooled the burn under a tap of running cold water then applied lots of Simply Flower Power Cream to the burnt area. I repeated this several times during the evening. The pain diminished to a tolerable level - at first it was excruciating - and the next day there was hardly a mark left on my palm. I was astounded and wanted to let you know how good your cream is for this kind of burn. I use your cream for lots of general aches and pains but this was the first time I had applied it to a burn.

(NB Always consult a doctor for severe burns)

A. B. Mt Martha, Vic

Hands swollen and painful after gardening

I often help my elderly sister with her housework. Last time I visited, I noticed that the path was becoming overun with sprawling rose bushes from the nearby garden bed. I spent over one hour cutting them back. That night my hands were swollen and very painful. I could not have got through the night without the help of my jar of Simply Flower Power cream. I applied it frequently throughout the the night and each time the pain would reduce substantially.

B.K. Mt Martha, Vic.

Pain relief for ailments of the elderly

I have been using your cream for nearly six months now and have found it to work well for treating the kind of pains that older people suffer from. Unlike other pain relieving creams, it does not irritate the skin but is soothing and leaves my skin very soft and smooth.

P.S. Black Rock, Vic.

Pensioner's aches and pains

I am a pensioner and walk daily and tend to my garden. Aches and pains I seem to have gained as I've become older. To find relief I have used many products, some petroleum derived and others natural. I used to use Nature's Remedy First Aid Cream until I found a completely natural cream called Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream. I read about it in a newspaper and sent away for a sample. I changed over from Nature's Remedy as I found it far superior in that it gave me longer lasting relief. I call it my S.F.P. treatment to my friends. Simply Flower Power is for me and you will be as happy as I am upon using it.

D.A. H. Pensioner. Belmont, Vic.

Love new cream, so much better than Nature's Remedy

I have used Nature's Remedy First Aid Cream since it first came out and have always been very pleased with it. A couple of days ago, I received your new cream, Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream and I just love it. I feel the only problem you will have is that it works too well! I'm sure I'm not mad, but we just don't seem to have to use as much of it to get pain relief. I use it on my hands to keep then nice. I'm terrible, I can't keep my fingers out of the jar! I just love the feel and smell of it so much. Just think how far Nature's Remedy went and it hasn't got a thing on this cream.

J.A. Farmer's wife. Northern W.A.

A cream with multiple uses: hip pain, headaches, skin moisturiser, travelling companion

Thank you for your wonderful product. I have been using it on my sore hip and although it still gives me some pain it is not as constant anymore. I have found the cream very beneficial for relieving stress/tension headaches before they develop into something nasty. As a face and neck moisturiser, the cream is fantastic leaving old skin to feel young and supple and free from worries. I have received a few comments on how good my skin is looking. I have found that Simply Flower Power has many applications including the perfect travelling companion. I am so grateful that your cream is being stocked by my local pharmacist. I have been recommending it to my friends. I wish you every success.

(This lady first tried the cream as a sample and then organised for her local pharmacy to order some jars in for her. J.R.)

R.C. Maryborough, Qld.

Relieves pain in hands after only a few applications

I would like to thank you for your quick service. I got the creams yesterday and many thanks for your help. My hands already feel much better after using it only just a few times. Thanks again.

O. S. Sydney, N.S.W.

Never fails to help with pain relief

I cannot recommend highly enough your Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream. It has never failed to help me and I would never be without it. I have recommended it to my friends when they are in pain and they also have become converted and marvel at its power to relieve pain. I just want to thank you for developing such a wonderful product and let you know how appreciative I am of it.

D. S. Bairnsdale, Vic.

Helps growing pains, burns and bee stings

I started using Simply Flower Power on my twins as one of them in particular suffered terribly from growing pains. I call it my Miracle Cream. They love it. Over the past five years, I have used it for not just growing pains, but also burns, insect bites especially bee stings. It really is my first aid kit and I always have a jar on hand in each of my sons’ bedrooms.

K. M. Perth, W.A.

Helps sunburn and salt/sand rashes

Just wanted to tell you that I think you have a wonderful product. Our tub gets shared among friends for everything from sunburn, salt and sand rash and all unknown rashes that appear. I have now made them all buy their own tub. Thanks for keeping things natural!

T. B. Massage Therapist. Perth, W.A.

Helps relieve arthritic pain

I would like to express my appreciation for the relief of pain Simply Flower Power has given my late husband and me. My husband had arthritis for many years and I now have it in my hip after two replacements. The use of your cream enables me to lead an active life without the use of strong medications. As I have a large garden, it is such a blessing to use such a natural product whenever I need it.

PS I have never endorsed a product before but I am very pleased to endorse this one.

H. S. East Brighton, Vic.

Beautiful natural product free of chemicals

My family, relatives and friends who have been using Simply Flower Power (upon my recommendation) are free of years of pain, which is quite a miracle. Thank you for inventing such a beautiful natural product free of chemicals. I have no hesitation in advising anyone in pain to try it because it worked for me. I’ve sent the product interstate/overseas and it is working wonders.

S.D’S. Melbourne, Vic.

Persistent sore calf muscle pain-free within half an hour

My late mother was always a great spokesperson for your product. She even insisted the local pharmacist stock it so that her friends could buy it easily. Recently I had a persistent sore calf muscle that wasn’t healing. I applied some of your pain relief cream (I found an old jar my mother had left). Within half an hour the pain was gone. Now home again, my calf continues to be pain-free. Even I was surprised at this quick response.

G.J. Vic.

Makes her feel twenty years younger

I am really happy with your cream. I want to thank you so much for your help. Your cream has helped me so much. I feel like I am twenty years younger.

M. G. Retired lady. Barracks Heights, NSW

Sends cream to relatives overseas

I have been using your flower cream for some time with great results. After sending some to England, I have had requests for more; my family has had great results on bites and aches  - a fantastic versatile cream that is also great value.

Nicola Carter. Angelic Works. Mt Martha

Children's bumps and bruises

I have three grandchildren, growing up fast. When they were younger and hurt themselves, I used to apply Simply Flower Power  on their injuries. I noticed that when I did this, they didn't hurt themselves nearly as often for a few weeks or longer. It was as if the cream gave them a kind of  protection. Maybe it is my imagination, but I watched this happen so many times that I really do believe it happened. I just wanted to let you know in case someone else had the same experience.

J. A. Western Australia

Children's tummy aches

My two sons, aged 5 and 7, call your cream 'magic' because it takes their tummy aches away so fast, within minutes of application.

A.M. Mother. Mt Martha, Vic

Relieves pain in ball of thumb

I have been using your wonderful cream for years with great satisfaction. Recently my daughter was visiting me when she complained of pain in the ball of her thumb. I often have the same type of pain so I offered the cream. She was amazed at how fast it worked. This cream helps me in so many ways. I used to run a farm with my husband so I have many aches and pains all over my body now that I am 85 years old!

R.G. Retired lady. Mornington, Vic.

Relieves ovarian pain

My three daughters and myself often experience pain in the abdomen at ovulation time, which often requires the ingestion of painkillers. Having recently discovered your cream, I decided to use it first before taking a painkiller. It definitely dulled the pain to a level of discomfort that was tolerable. Thank you!

A. M. Mother of three. Mt Eliza, Vic.

Growing pains gone

I used your cream on my seven year old boy's growing pains tonight. He soon stopped crying. We couldn't believe it!

G.C. Business Coach, Middle Park, Vic.

Helped sprained ankle

I used Simply Flower Power cream on a sprained ankle and found it helped me. The pain level reduced and I was able to walk pain free.

J.W. Kinesiologist. Mt Eliza, Vic.

No more swollen feet during aeroplane travel

Every few years I go and visit my relatives in England. I used to dread the swollen feet that were a sure side-effect of many hours on a plane. This is now a thing of the past. I apply Simply Flower Power cream all over my feet before I leave, then again during the stop-over, and when I arrive my feet are just about normal. One more application that night and you wouldn't know I had been flying. My relatives and friends who meet me at the airport cannot believe how fit I am on arrival. I am 85 years old by the way!

M.A. Frankston, Vic.

Relieves pain in fingers and hands

The pain in my hands is almost gone. I receive immediate relief when I apply the cream and can now do many things with my fingers and hands such as knitting and sewing, which I had been having difficulty with. When the pain comes back, which isn't often now, I simply rub Simply Flower Power cream on my hands and the relief is instantaneous. Congratulations for your precious product and for making it so reasonably priced too.

L.S. Pensioner. Age 77. Mandurah, W.A.

Sore neck, headaches and low back pain

I have been using Simply Flower Power natural pain relief cream for six years, for a sore neck from working at my computer; also for headaches and low back pain. I find the pain disappears within half an hour of applying the cream, I have recommended your cream to many of my co-workers and friends and all have been equally impressed with its effectiveness. My son used it on a sore toe that had been irritated by walking in steel capped boots. The pain, swelling and inflammation reduced substantially after only two applications. I used the Tranquility Essence a lot recently after a fall left me with a painful shoulder injury that was very slow to heal. It helped me when I was feeling impatient at my inability to perform certain movements in every day life.

Laila E. Retired office manager. Vic.

Help with pain relief, skin irritations, and other ailments

I have used your natural pain relief cream for many skin problems as well as using it for pain relief. I find it helps skin irritations including minor eczema, and general itching like the kind that may occur with a heat rash; also for minor burns especially sunburn. I find it to be very soothing and calming to the skin, while leaving a lovely mild flowery perfume. I had a wrist operation a few years ago. Anyone having had one of those knows you can still feel the occasional ache around the wrist area. I find this cream to be so gentle and soothing for this too. This cream also relieved a cold sore I had once. I frequently use it for insect bites for my grandchildren. So many uses in one jar instead of purchasing all the individual products for each condition! I often put some Tranquility Essence drops in my husband's cup of tea when I sense that he is feeling tense or worried. It works like a charm! Thank you, Dr. Read, for your wonderful products.

Brenda K. Retired retail manager. Vic.
Bulk Buy 6 Jars

Buy in bulk (6 x 100gm jars) and save $3 per jar, a total saving of $15. Save on postage too – flat rate of $15 for 1 to 6 jars.

Keep spare jars refrigerated, the shelves in the refrigerator door are an ideal spot.

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