For a calm, clear state of mind, naturally.

May assist in regaining a feeling of emotional and mental well-being.

Tranquility Essence may be described as a liquid version of the Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream, with a homeopathic ingredient – Camomilla 6x.

Three sizes are available:

15ml : a good handbag or pocket size to keep with you at all times – $35
25ml : a medium size bottle – $45
50ml:  this is the most cost effective size – $60

Full list of ingredients

Tranquility Essence may be of assistance at any time where remaining calm and clear-headed would be an advantage. It may also help increase self-confidence.

Here are some of the situations our customers have told us they found the Tranquility Essence to have had a beneficial effect:

  • When feeling tense for a variety of reasons.
  • For retailers’ feelings of being overworked at busy times of the year.
  • To keep calm over the Christmas season!
  • For the worrying times after retrenchment – to stay calm and maintain a positive frame of mind.
  • At examination time when studying as well as during the exam itself.
  • Before and during job interviews or auditions to increase confidence.
  • At weddings, births, funerals to remain calm and in control of emotions.
  • To help relieve morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • When driving in busy traffic or in unfamiliar situations.
  • In emergency situations to help keep cool headed.
  • During hospital stays or when taking care of someone who is ill.
  • Before bed for a more restful sleep.
  • Many people also add it to their bath water to help them relax.
  • On first days at school or at work.
  • For stage fright or public speaking nerves.
  • When bad news has been heard such as when losing a job or when a loved  one has been hurt or become ill.
  • When a member of the family or a pet is ill to help stay focused on caring for them.
  • When a loved one (human or a pet) dies to be able to handle the grief better.
  • Applied straight to the skin for pain relief.
  • Parents have found it helpful when their children are irritated by the itching of eczema. Also during travel or when going into unfamiliar situations.
  • Helps with transplant stress when moving or planting plants. Dilute 5 drops in approximately 200ml water.
  • Weak plants may be revived when watered with Tranquility Essence diluted as above. May also be sprayed on foliage.

NB: Simply Flower Power® Natural Health Products are to be used following the directions on the label. They are not meant to replace the advice of an healthcare practitioner. Please read full Disclaimer statement.