For a calm, clear state of mind, naturally.

May assist in regaining a feeling of emotional and mental well-being.

Tranquility Essence may be described as a liquid version of the Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream, with a different homeopathic ingredient – Camomilla 6x replacing St John’s Wort 6x.

Three sizes are available:

15ml : a good handbag or pocket size to keep with you at all times – $25
25ml : a medium size bottle – $35
50ml:  this is the most cost effective size – $45


Tranquility Essence may be of assistance at any time where remaining calm and clear-headed would be an advantage. It may also help increase self-confidence.

Here are some of the situations our customers have told us they found the Tranquility Essence to have had a beneficial effect:

  • When feeling tense for a variety of reasons.
  • For retailers’ feelings of being overworked at busy times of the year.
  • To keep calm over the Christmas season!
  • For the worrying times after retrenchment – to stay calm and maintain a positive frame of mind.
  • At examination time when studying as well as during the exam itself.
  • Before and during job interviews or auditions to increase confidence.
  • At weddings, births, funerals to remain calm and in control of emotions.
  • To help relieve morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • When driving in busy traffic or in unfamiliar situations.
  • In emergency situations to help keep cool headed.
  • During hospital stays or when taking care of someone who is ill.
  • Before bed for a more restful sleep.
  • Many people also add it to their bath water to help them relax.
  • On first days at school or at work.
  • For stage fright or public speaking nerves.
  • When bad news has been heard such as when losing a job or when a loved  one has been hurt or become ill.
  • When a member of the family or a pet is ill to help stay focused on caring for them.
  • When a loved one (human or a pet) dies to be able to handle the grief better.
  • Applied straight to the skin for pain relief.
  • Parents have found it helpful when their children are irritated by the itching of eczema. Also during travel or when going into unfamiliar situations.
  • Helps with transplant stress when moving or planting plants. Dilute 5 drops in approximately 200ml water.
  • Weak plants may be revived when watered with Tranquility Essence diluted as above. May also be sprayed on foliage.
  • All natural active ingredients in a solution of purified water and ethanol.
  • Can be taken in a variety of situations so is multipurpose like the cream. May be of assistance with skin problems that are worsened by stress, in conjunction with the Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream.
  • Is not only directed at emergency situations. May be used on a daily basis, in situations of mild or stronger emotional unrest.
  • Several bottle sizes available for different uses. The smaller bottle (15ml) can easily fit in a handbag or school bag. The larger size (50ml) is very cost effective – you basically get 15ml for free. The middle size (25ml) is a good size to start off with to see if you like it.
  • Ethical product – cruelty-free, minimal packaging (all recyclable), glass bottles (not plastic thus avoiding any BPA leakage from the bottle), ingredients very simple: flower essences, homeopathics, water and ethanol. Nothing ‘nasty’!

Tranquility Essence is suitable for all ages. Simply halve the dosage for young children and use one third of the recommended dosage for babies.

  • Regular use: four to six drops in a little water (or juice) three times per day.
  • During times of immediate distress, one to three drops straight into mouth
  • A 100ml glass of water to which three to five drops of Tranquility Essence have been added, sipped at half hourly intervals during the day, may assist in helping you keep calm on difficult or demanding days.
  • Add five drops to a 250ml bottle of water and drink over the day.
  • 10-20 drops added to your bath water may assist in relaxation.
  • Add a few drops to your pet’s water bowl or to the watering can for your plants.
  • A few drops on a painful area may assist in relieving physical pain if your jar of cream isn’t at hand.

Tranquility Essence contains flower essences and homeopathic ingredients in a water/ethanol mixture. The flower remedies in Tranquility Essence are the same flower essences that are in the Simply Flower Power® Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream. The homeopathic ingredient is Chamomilla 6x, well known for its calming effect.


Tranquility Essence helps insomnia

I have been using Simply Flower Power Cream for many years, for aches and pains and also as an excellent moisturiser for my face. I also use the Tranquility Essence. I often wake up in the night around 4 am and start thinking. This prevents me from going back to sleep. Now I just put two drops of Tranquility Essence under my tongue, turn the light off, and go straight back to sleep. It is wonderful to have such a simple natural remedy for this kind of situation. I have told my friends about it too.

H. S., Brighton East

Pain Relief Cream good for whole family

Over the last couple of years my three daughters, my wife and even my mother have all been patients of Jessica Read's and we have all attained fantastic and positive results through her treatments and importantly with using her products, which she has developed herself.

My family and I love Jessica's Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream. We all use it for various aches and pains. I like to share it with my friends and relatives as well. They are all amazed at how effective it is and love it when I buy them a jar or two, especially my nephew who is often bruised and sore from soccer training. I also highly recommend the Tranquility Essence and find it equally excellent for all sorts of occasions - we always have a bottle on hand.

I am so grateful that an acquaintance of mine referred me to Jessica.

Paul Mercurio, Actor.

Helps with sad goodbyes

I recently had to say goodbye to a relative who was returning to Europe. It was a very sad time for both of us. I got through it by drinking glasses of water containing more drops of Tranquility Essence than usual, ten drops instead of five. This is not the usual dose but I felt that on this occasion it was appropriate. Over a couple of hours, I must have drunk three of these glasses. It worked and I was able to stay calm instead of breaking into tears. So sometimes you can increase the recommended dose of drops, if the situation seems to require it.

Jessica Read. Creator of Simply Flower Power.

Tranquility Essence helps dog with separation anxiety

I sometimes have to go away for up to one week to visit my son in New South Wales. My dog does not like my husband and I going away, becoming very nervous and upset as the days go by. He once even scratched himself to bleeding point when he was left alone for half an hour. Last time we went away, I started adding Tranquility Essence drops to his water bowl a few days ahead of our departure and instructed our daughter, who was minding him, to do the same every time she changed his water. None of us could believe the difference this made to his mood. He remained calm and happy and although he obviously missed us, he was not distressed like the previous times. I am so grateful to the Tranquility Essence for helping our precious dog through these difficult times.

B.K. Mt Martha, Vic.

Nervousness at dentist

I have had some bad experiences with dentists in the past so I was very nervous about the impending visit I had to make to a new dentist. I took my bottle of Tranquility Essence with me and put a few drops in my mouth during the trip there and while I was waiting to go in. I was surprised at how calm I felt once my turn came. Thank you Tranquility Essence! I find it more efficient in many instances for calming me down than the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, which I still use on occasions.

J.W. Mt Martha, Vic.


My mother suffers severely from shingles. The owner of my local post office told me about Simply Flower Power cream and that she had heard that it helped shingles. I purchased a jar from Dr Read together with a bottle of Tranquility Essence. Dr Read advised me that it would be helpful to use the cream on the shingles' rash and to take the Tranquility Essence internally to reduce the stress that both caused the shingles in the first place and was now worsened by the pain of the shingles themselves. I am pleased to report that my mother was very pleased with both and that she is feeling a lot better now.

Name unknown. Met at Post Office Mt Martha, Vic.

Stress of Job Loss relieved

My recently retrenched husband was finding it difficult to cope. Tranquility Essence made a huge difference to his ability to maintain a positive attitude and he now has a new job. I have used these drops to help me with family worries. Even our dog responds to a few drops in her water bowl to keep her happy. Our household will never be without Tranquility Essence.

J.B. Langwarrin, Vic.

Memorial service speech

I used Jessica Read's Tranquility Essence recently when a close friend died and I was asked by the family to speak at her memorial service. The Tranquility Essence helped me feel calm and centered and I was able to remain emotionally balanced during the whole experience.

J.W. Mt Martha, Vic.

Sore neck, headaches and low back pain

I have been using Simply Flower Power natural pain relief cream for six years, for a sore neck from working at my computer; also for headaches and low back pain. I find the pain disappears within half an hour of applying the cream, I have recommended your cream to many of my co-workers and friends and all have been equally impressed with its effectiveness. My son used it on a sore toe that had been irritated by walking in steel capped boots. The pain, swelling and inflammation reduced substantially after only two applications. I used the Tranquility Essence a lot recently after a fall left me with a painful shoulder injury that was very slow to heal. It helped me when I was feeling impatient at my inability to perform certain movements in every day life.

Laila E. Retired office manager. Vic.

Help with pain relief, skin irritations, and other ailments

I have used your natural pain relief cream for many skin problems as well as using it for pain relief. I find it helps skin irritations including minor eczema, and general itching like the kind that may occur with a heat rash; also for minor burns especially sunburn. I find it to be very soothing and calming to the skin, while leaving a lovely mild flowery perfume. I had a wrist operation a few years ago. Anyone having had one of those knows you can still feel the occasional ache around the wrist area. I find this cream to be so gentle and soothing for this too. This cream also relieved a cold sore I had once. I frequently use it for insect bites for my grandchildren. So many uses in one jar instead of purchasing all the individual products for each condition! I often put some Tranquility Essence drops in my husband's cup of tea when I sense that he is feeling tense or worried. It works like a charm! Thank you, Dr. Read, for your wonderful products.

Brenda K. Retired retail manager. Vic.

NB: Simply Flower Power® Natural Health Products are to be used following the directions on the label. They are not meant to replace the advice of an healthcare practitioner. Please read full Disclaimer statement.