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Dunn’s Herbal Clinic

Neville Dunn and Lynne Gardner are unique herbalists whom I have known since 1984. They have helped my family and myself with countless ailments over the years. They make herbal mixtures especially tailored to each person. They follow the Chinese concept of strengthening the blood and they make their herbal mixtures from all kinds of plants and fruits. They have just created their website allowing you to order on line. They can work with you at a distance and send you your herbs by mail. I highly recommend their treatments. They will also treat your pets, as they do mine (when one of my cats had cat flu, it was Lynne’s herbs that helped her get well as she was not responding to any of the antibiotics given to her by the vet). To keep healthy, I usually order one bottle of herbs for myself per season, and do the same for my pets.

Steven Acuff. Healing the mind, body and soul

Steven Acuff has a wealth of information regarding healthy nutrition, much of which was gained through personal experience.  I recommend you look at his website and see how his advice can apply to you, for the improvement and maintenance of your own health.

Back to Nature for Canines

A very informative and fascinating site, with lots of health advice for your favourite furry friend. Excellent products also for sale. I highly recommend Kim Lewis’ work and products, having tried them out personally with great results.

Fresh Breath Doggie Dental

Brian Borg cleans dogs teeth in a totally unique way… he does this without sedating the animal! Many would feel this to be an impossible task but having seen him at work on my own nine year old female golden retriever, I can testify to the truth of this. Brian is kind, patient and attentive to the needs of his patients. He gives them the time to get to know him first – if need be he will even take them for a walk with you. It is only when your dog is totally at ease with him that he begins the task of scaling their teeth. The dog is in his/her home, on his/her own bed, awake and with his/her owner in sight and close by. When one side of the mouth is done, the dog is allowed a break, can get up, walk around and relax. My golden retriever went up to Brian and licked his arm!! No stress there!! The other side of the mouth is cleaned a little quicker as the dog is more relaxed knowing what he/she is in for. The whole process took about half an hour in my case, not counting the ‘getting to know each other time’. I highly recommend this process: it avoids the danger involved with anesthesia and is also less costly. It’s a win win situation for both owner and pet!

Pet Power

Pet Power give homeopathic consultations for both humans and pets. They also sell excellent First Aid Kits for animals, as well as homeopathic flea deterrents (Immune Enhancer) and worm deterrents (Acid Balancer). I have used their services both for myself and my pets with extremely satisfactory results. I highly recommend them.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnets have both therapeutic and preventative qualities. Gerardine Robinson, the creator and owner of Magnetic Attraction, has designed magnetic products that are really easy to wear to treat virtually any part of your body. Her inventiveness and creativity is amazing. Have a look at her website and see if there is something there for you. Our pet animals have not been forgotten with magnetized beds and collars. You can even alkalize your drinking water using a magnetic coaster placed under a jug of water.

Choose Cruelty Free

This is where you will find lists of all kinds of products that have been manufactured without any animal being harmed and containing no animal products. A great site for all animal lovers or those who want to avoid hurting animals unnecessarily.

Grants on Sherbrooke

I have been a visitor to the Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenongs Ranges north east of Melbourne for many years and have watched this quaint souvenir and coffee shop expand to a fully licensed cafe and a large shop with all kinds of Australian memorabilia of the highest quality and variety. Located at Grants Picnic Ground on the Monbulk Road in Kallista, it is surrounded by native forest where you can enjoy walks among gigantic gum trees aswell as feeding the native rosellas. Kookaburras and cockatoos abound too. This is a must see for any visitor to Melbourne. You can spend a whole day being entertained by nature itself either out in the forest or simply sitting on the deck drinking a coffee or having a gourmet meal.

Mock Red Hill

Mock Red Hill is a biodynamic apple orchard. They make their own biodynamic cider vinegar and cider.

Toscana Olives

It’s not as easy as one would think to find genuine’ organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil’. I finally found it with Toscana Premium Organic Olive oil. I am onto my third bottle and it is so much better than any other oil I have used in cooking or salads. I also love the way they offer small bottles (25ml) of their variety of products, so that you can try them first. The price is also quite competitive at $20 for a 375 ml bottle of oil. It is sold in specialties stores as well as online so check their website to see if there is an outlet near you.