Aches and pains during hospital stay, kept skin nourished in closed atmosphere

I have been using your cream for many years. In fact I used to use Nature’s Remedy when it first came out too. I wouldn’t be without it. Recently, it was of even greater help to me as I had a fall and fractured my knee and some toes and bones at the top of my foot. During my hospital stay, I asked the nurses to rub some of your cream on my back when it was sore from too much time in bed and also on the top of my foot. It felt so good! I also used it daily on my face and the nurses kept commenting on  how good my skin looked, even though I hadn’t been wearing any make up for several weeks due to the hospital stay. I think they might be wanting some too after seeing how much it help me! Thank you again for your kindness in sending me some more cream while I was in hospital. By the way, I am ninety three years of age!