Help with pain relief, skin irritations, and other ailments

I have used your natural pain relief cream for many skin problems as well as using it for pain relief. I find it helps skin irritations including minor eczema, and general itching like the kind that may occur with a heat rash; also for minor burns especially sunburn. I find it to be very soothing and calming to the skin, while leaving a lovely mild flowery perfume. I had a wrist operation a few years ago. Anyone having had one of those knows you can still feel the occasional ache around the wrist area. I find this cream to be so gentle and soothing for this too. This cream also relieved a cold sore I had once. I frequently use it for insect bites for my grandchildren. So many uses in one jar instead of purchasing all the individual products for each condition! I often put some Tranquility Essence drops in my husband’s cup of tea when I sense that he is feeling tense or worried. It works like a charm! Thank you, Dr. Read, for your wonderful products.