Helps with all kinds of pain including knee pain and burns

I would like to tell you about Jessica Read’s cream. It is so good. I would not be without it. Even when I go out in my car, I always have a jar with me. Here are some examples of how we have used it in my home.

A good friend of mine, who is helping her husband do some building, had pain in her thumbs and on the inside of her wrists. We rubbed the Simply Flower Power cream on them and she was over the moon at how fast it worked. She was pain free for the rest of her weekend visit with us.

Another friend, who was visiting at the same time, fell and broke her knee cap a few months earlier and had just had the steel screws removed. She was also in pain so we gently applied cream to her knee and what a difference it made! Her knee was very swollen and raw-looking to begin with. After we applied the cream, the swelling went down a little and a lot of bruising came out. Her pain diminished to a very mild ache. She could even bend her knee a bit. She was very impressed!

I must tell you about my grandson too. He is twenty years old. He was messing around with his friends racing an old car around on a few acres of his mum’s property. They stopped the car and my grandson leaned over the motor. Just as he did, the radiator hose burst and burnt him very badly from his shoulder to his hip. He was in hospital for one week. He came to visit me and showed me his burn. It was healing but still had a lot of dead skin and looked very dry. I put cream on it every day for the six days of his visit and when he left, there was only a pink flush where the burn had been. This cream is the best ever!!

Julie A., Mukinbudin, W.A.