Hit in the face by a dog’s head!

I recently attended a dog massage course. The first dog I worked on was a bit nervous and she suddenly jerked her had back violently, hitting her hard muzzle on my upper lip just below my nose. I was stunned for a moment and thought I might have a blood nose. Luckily I didn’t and as soon as I could get away I went to a mirror and applied some of my Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream to the area that was hit. There was already a small egg shaped bump forming. Immediately the cream was applied, the bump diminished, as did the pain. I applied the cream a second time about twenty minutes later and that was all I had to do. There was no mark left and the next day I wouldn’t even have known that I had been hit. I was very happy that I had thought of bringing a small jar of cream with me to the workshop as this time I was the one who needed it most!