Pain Relief Cream helps after knee surgery

My family and I used to use Nature’s Remedy First Aid Cream for any mishap such as insect stings, grazes, bruises, small burns, pain of any sort. My husband used to say “quick, get the Nature’s Remedy” just like the father in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding when he used Windex for everything! When Nature’s Remedy was no longer available, we were very pleased to discover Simply Flower Power, which the health food store owner reassured us was made by the same person and was even better. We usually buy three jars at a time so as not to run out. When I had knee replacement surgery, it helped so much with the pain and bruising that goes with that type of procedure. Even the nursing staff were impressed with how well my knees and scars were healing. I would have been lost without Simply Flower Power cream and hope that you continue to produce this wonderful  healing cream to  help many people in the future.

June Garner, Bairnsdale