Pain relief is surprisingly long lasting. Even better than Nature’s Remedy.

My wife and I were avid users of Nature’s Remedy for many years. When it went off the market, we decided to try the new version, Simply Flower Power. Whereas we used to use Nature’s Remedy frequently – it seemed like we were always reaching the bottom of the jar – this has not been the case with Simply Flower Power. When we first started using it, we needed it quite often to relieve our various aches and pains. Gradually, however, we needed it less and less. I believe some deep healing took place and I am amazed at how well this cream works. So many of our aches and pains are no longer present. I didn’t think there could be an improvement on Nature’s Remedy but now I believe Simply Flower Power is just that. You forget the pain once the cream has been applied. Amazing! I am really happy that I gave it a try.

B. Mc K. Christchurch. New Zealand

Editors note: Nature’s Remedy contained four flower essences whereas Simply Flower Power contains twelve. So many more emotional states are addressed in the latter. This is why Simply Flower Power usually works faster, the pain relief lasts longer and very often, after a few uses (how many depends on the person and the problem), the pain disappears completely.