Psoriasis on leg completely cleared up

I was given a sample of Simply Flower Power by a lady in my yoga class. After calling you to find out if it would help my psoriasis, I decided to go ahead and buy a jar. You told me that it might help the emotional aspect of the skin problem and so relieve it partially. Well, it did more than that… My skin was ‘red raw’ when I first started using the cream about three months ago, and now it has completely cleared up. It doesn’t even itch anymore so I no longer have to use the cream. I have told many of my friends about your cream as I think it is magic! My mother has also started using it for dry skin on her feet. She feels it helps her a lot. I plan to have her try it on her hands which are a bit arthritic. Thank you for this remarkable cream.

Editor’s note. This case shows a dramatic improvement in a severe case of psoriasis. Not all cases will respond as well as this but the cream is definitely worth trying for eczema and psoriasis alike.

M.S. Doncaster, Vic