Relieves the itchiness of eczema in teenage son

My sixteen years old son suffers from severe allergies which gives him hives and eczema. I have been using the Rescue Remedy cream with some good results but was searching for something that would work even better. I came across your product and decided to try it. It certainly relieved the itchiness in the skin. I only apply it on unbroken skin so that it doesn’t sting. Now that his skin doesn’t itch so much, my son is no longer scratching and the lesions are starting to heal nicely. I also used it on  my sore neck and it helped a lot. My husband suffers from cramps and he is going to try it too. I am so happy to have found such a good natural product and am going to tell the teachers and other parents at my son’s school.

G.K. Frankston South, Vic

Editor’s note. The lavender in the cream may sting if the skin is broken as was described in this letter. If you would like some cream without lavender to use on eczema or other skin conditions that may expose the under layers of the dermis, please call Simply Flower Power and we will prepare a jar especially for you without lavender.