Testimonials for Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream

So many stories from such a variety of sources that confirm the beneficial effect of this cream.

Radio interview

An interview with Ernie Sigley on 3AW on the 27th November 2007, during which Ernie related how Simply Flower Power Pain Relief Cream had relieved a long-standing shoulder pain almost instantaneously, generated a huge amount of interest from literally thousands of people. Many people used Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream for the first time. We received many calls of thanks and congratulations on such a wonderful product.

Below are some of the more severe painful conditions that people told us they used this cream for with successful results:

– acute pain in the thumb joint – 80% relief after one application. 95% relief after a few days of regular use
– pain in toes from diabetes subsided
– muscular pain from Parkinson’s disease relieved
– inflammatory joint pain substantially decreased resulting in good night’s sleep for the first time in many years
– neck ache relieved
– pain in the legs associated with hypothyroidism relieved for the first time since onset three months before
– aching knees relieved
– abdominal discomfort from celiac condition felt much better
– pain from severe tooth ache relieved by applying cream to outside of cheek repeatedly (root canal and pain after wisdom teeth extraction).

Many people simply commented that so many of their general aches and pains were relieved by the cream that their quality of life on a daily basis and their quality of sleep improved immensely.