The story of Nature’s Remedy

Nature’s Remedy,  a natural pain relief cream made with flower essences, which was available in Australia during the 1990s and early 2000s. The background of this product is an interesting story of courage and determination and is worth telling.

The two people concerned met while members of a spiritual/mystical organisation. At the time, he was forty six years of age and she was just twenty eight. Both had grown up in  extremely stressful environments, both had married and become parents far too early, having had no time to recover from their early beginnings. Both were now divorced, single, and had a strong desire to ‘find God’ and to live their lives according to His rules, hence their being members of the spiritual group. They especially wanted to find a way of earning their living in a ‘Godly manner’ whatever that ended up meaning. “We will die trying, if that’s what it takes”, was their attitude. They also wanted to be good parents to their children.

I will call the man Robert for the sake of his anonymity. Her name is now Jessica Read, which is not the name she had in the days of Nature’s Remedy. The story is as much a personal one as one of the creation of a successful business, for both are intertwined. What these two people achieved together was a remarkable feat of endurance, fuelled by their belief in their inner calling. Clear goals had been set right at the start of the relationship as to the direction in which they were headed.

Robert’s children from his first marriage were grown up and estranged from him. Jessica had a two year old daughter, whose start in life had also been quite difficult, both from the point of view of her health and of her emotional well-being. Jessica wanted to ‘fix’ the damage already done to her child and then bring her up in a way that would allow her soul to remain strong and fully accessible to her, consciously. Robert wanted to make up for having been a less than adequate Dad to his previous children. Joining their lives made sense as they could support each other in their parenting roles.

So although they came from different backgrounds and different generations, there was a clear similarity between them, and their goals for their future were very much in alignment. By the time they separated seventeen years later, they had achieved all the goals they had in common. Nature’s Remedy played a huge part in this. It meant that when they left each other, they each had the financial possibility to move into the next phase of their lives.

A son had been added to their family five years into their relationship. Both children were brought up according  to Jessica’s aspirations with Robert’s invaluable support and assistance, as he willingly followed her advice whenever they were in doubt as to how to manage a situation. The children grew up to be strong, soul-centred adults, well aware of their exceptional upbringing. They now live their lives according to their unique talents, following the call of their inner voice, whether it seems to be in sync with the expectations of the world around them or not. They are just as much an expression of the success of the relationship as the business of Nature’s Remedy was.

Nature’s Remedy is the brand name they chose for a natural pain relief cream they created, using flower remedies as active ingredients. The choice of name was not theirs but came from an advertising firm they dealt with early in the piece. It ended up suiting the product well and became a household name many years later, when the cream was sold in every health food store and supermarket in Australia, and had thousands of loyal users. One year after their parting,  Robert sold the business. The new owners could not match the efforts Robert and Jessica had put into the business and the product eventually disappeared from the marketplace. To this day, customers still search for it! It was a good product!

After their fateful meeting and decision to join their lives to pursue their goals and dreams together, the couple lived in and around Melbourne for two years, with a six months stint in a caravan park in northern Victoria. Neither one of them was capable of working due to what is referred to as ‘burn-out’ these days, so they made do with unemployment benefits which later turned in to a permanent disability pension for Robert. They spent their time caring for their daughter, allowing her the space to heal from her early days. They also spent a lot of time just ‘being’. The caravan park adjoined a shallow river and many hours were spent gazing at the water flowing by.

A turning point in the story was when Jessica, a chiropractor, discovered the Bach Flower Remedies. First they were prescribed to her, then she began to use them for herself and her family with astounding success. She became so passionate about this form of healing that one day, while walking in bush land close to the caravan park, wondering what the future held for her, she sent a deep and heart-felt prayer out to ‘God’. “If there is a way for me to help spread the word of the healing capacities of flower remedies, then please use me, God. I make myself available to You for this.” It was many years after Nature’s Remedy had been created that she remembered this prayer, realizing how she had set herself up for what was to follow.

The couple, no longer able to withstand the cold Melbourne weather and the effect their past lives were still having of them due the proximity of some of the people involved, made the decision to move to Western Australia. They knew no one over there, had just acquired a puppy as a companion to their daughter and had no money saved up at all. On top of this, soon after this plan had been devised, Robert fractured his ankle in a freak accident. Luckily it was the left ankle and the car they drove was an automatic…he could still use his right foot to operate the pedals!

It only took two weeks to pack up their meagre belongings and set off for the drive across the Nullarbor desert. Many years ago, Robert had made this same trip, during a trial separation from his first wife. At that time the roads were mostly unmade and his car had arrived a total wreck. Luckily, the highway was now sealed the whole way through, with motels at convenient locations. The journey took five days, as their daughter and her puppy could not be expected to withstand more than 6 hours in the car in one stretch.

They lived in Bunbury for two years, where Jessica opened and then closed a chiropractic practice, realizing that her health was still not strong enough for her to work. Robert found short term employment on occasions too. The little girl, now five, started school. An unsuccessful short stint in Perth followed.

Tired of trying to live in a world that asked more of them than they could give, they finally found a small cottage half way between Perth and Bunbury, where the rent was only $50 per week. (They later moved into another farm house where the rent was even less, $35 per week!) This did not include a reliable water supply, nor was there any form of heating or cooling, floor or window coverings. It was situated on the edge of a dirt road with the rest of the house surrounded by open paddocks where dairy cows grazed. The day they moved in, the dry grass was knee high and infested by crickets (locusts) who jumped aside in waves as they made their way to the front door.  It was here that the small family was finally able to regroup and begin their life again from ‘nothing’ or at least from ‘who they were at that time’. This is also where their much wanted baby boy was born, at home, with nothing but the winter rain to muffle the labour cries of his courageous mum.

This is also where the story of Nature’s Remedy begins. The couple lived one day at a time, using their combined talents for survival – practical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and just getting by financially. It was now possible for them to identify their emotional problems more accurately, as they were longer trying to ‘keep up’ with society’s demands. It didn’t matter what other people thought of them. The rent and food costs were covered by the government benefits, the rest went towards cheap second hand furniture, baby needs and basic clothing requirements, much of which Jessica managed to sew or mend with the help of a second hand sewing machine, acquired during their stay in Bunbury.

Many years previously, during his time as an ambulance officer, Robert had suffered a severe disc prolapse in his lumbar spine, which he had managed to heal with the power of thought and prayer. This was followed by several accidents resulting in whiplash injuries to his neck. Now that he was no longer pushing himself physically on a daily basis, he became even more conscious of his constant pain. Jessica’s daily, and sometimes twice daily treatments, to his spine were only giving him temporary relief.

It was during the times she spent lying down on her bed, resting her pregnant body, that new thoughts began to emerge in Jessica’s mind. She now had ten years of practice behind her and knew what to expect from her treatments. She was good at what she did and she knew she could trust herself as a chiropractor. Many of her patients had completely recovered from their ailments thanks to her expertise. Why was Robert’s spine unable to hold her adjustments? Why was his neck so hyper-mobile that the slightest movement would displace his vertebrae, back to their previous misplaced position?

She thought about her lessons in the use of flower remedies. She had been told that people could become stuck emotionally if they have suffered from shock and/or deep fear. They lose the ability to function in their daily lives because they have become mentally numb and can no longer make decisions. Flower remedies are able to re-establish vibrational harmony in their mind and feelings and they return to a state of ‘normal’ mental capacity.

What if every cell in the body had its own set of emotions and could suffer individually from shock and/fear and react in a similar way to the whole person under such circumstances. In other words, the individual cells would lose their ability to ‘think’ and ‘react’ to stress as they are programmed to do. Each cell is capable of self-healing – cuts, burns, fractures, all heal with time. The cells of the body are responsible for this. Medicine only assists this natural and inherent healing process.

Extrapolating this notion further, could it be that the cells in Robert’s neck and lower back were still in a state of shock/fear from their past injuries and unable to ‘remember’ or ‘connect with’ or ‘express and activate’ the inherent natural power of the body to self heal. Further more, could it be that the cells had even ‘given up’ trying to self heal and had become incapable of responding to the assistance she was giving them with her adjustments?

The more she thought about it, the more logical and obvious it seemed to her that this could indeed be the case. So the next time Robert was on the massage table, she put a few drops of Rescue Remedy on his neck before and after adjustments. This time he was able to hold the correction for a day instead of only a few hours. She repeated this on the rest of his back, each time she treated him, and to her great surprise and satisfaction, the corrections began to hold! It seemed like a miracle. Her theory,  whether correct or not, really did produce the results she had expected.

Placing drops of liquid on the curved surface of the body was not ideal, so they eventually purchased some plain aqueous cream and added a few drops of Rescue Remedy to this. Application became a lot easier and his body continued to heal.

During her times of rest during her pregnancy, affirmations had also been going through Jessica’s mind regarding their financial situation. “I am thrilled with my ability to earn a bountiful living in an easy and pleasant manner, for the good of all concerned”, or words to that effect, was one of her favourites. She had long given up trying to earn money the way most people did. Her training had given her the ability to run a healing clinic but not the physical or emotional stamina. She needed to find a way that would enable her to work her own hours while still being a full time mother and also continue with her much needed emotional healing. Using affirmations was her way of hopefully attracting circumstances that would allow these conditions to be fulfilled.

With the discovery of the healing power of flower remedies on the emotional aspect of physical cells came the realization that this ‘wonder cream’ could become a source of income. She tried in vain to instil this belief into Robert, who, even though he had been the recipient of the healing, remained doubtful and uninterested in putting any effort into developing this idea further. Finally, after telling herself that she would try to convince him one last time of the possibilities she envisaged, he listened and actions were taken.

The first step was to make their own formula of flower essences. With the help of a local friend whose knowledge of flowers was far superior to theirs, they chose four wild flowers growing in the nearby area, made flower remedies (or essences) from them, and added them to a water based cream. Personal use on their own aches and pains proved this mixture to be so effective that they soon ran out of  ‘painful spots’ and began involving other people in the trials. Everyone without exception experienced pain relief. Many responded with incredulity : “I don’t know if it was your cream,  but the pain is gone!”  The theory really did work! Those afternoons spent lying down, in ‘pregnancy rest’, speculating and cogitating as to how to heal a spine that refused to cooperate, had resulted in the creation of an amazing healing product.

It was time to share this discovery with more people than the friends and acquaintances who had so far benefited from the use of the cream. They decided to move back to Melbourne. The six years spent in Western Australia had fulfilled their need to return to the basics of living. They had learned to live as ‘themselves’ rather than trying to fit into a mould that did not fit them.

Now that he was no longer in constant physical pain, Robert took the lead and began the process of finding a pharmaceutical laboratory to produce the cream in bulk. Together they designed a simple label and chose a white jar, with a green lid to enhance the notion of the cream being natural i.e green like the predominant colour found in nature.

Having had some experience with sales and possessing a strong belief in the product as well as a huge amount of bravado, Robert approached the head buyer of Safeway in Melbourne. He did not carry a briefcase, or wear a suit and tie. He just made an appointment, wore his beige moleskin pants and a neat pale green shirt, and presented himself with a jar of cream. After hearing his story, the buyer, a young female, said: “My mother suffers from arthritis. I will give her your cream to try. If it helps her, I will take it on.” And the rest, as they say, is history. The cream worked, space was made for Nature’s Remedy in the health food section of just a few Safeway stores to begin with, at no cost, and the couple began advertising in a small natural health magazine named Prevention.

People often say that this would not be possible today. It was not possible then either! Not if one were to follow the conventional etiquette expected in the business world. But these two people were not living by the rules of that world, they were following the call of their heart and using the principles of manifestation and creation that they had been studying ever since they came together. ‘God’ was supporting their actions. They were led by their intuition and their desire to earn their living in a way that suited their needs, personalities and callings; in other words by remaining ‘true to themselves’.

It would be a lie to say that any of this was easy. The couple were still bringing up two children. Neither one of them had previous business experience, so they had to teach themselves everything. Fortunately Jessica was a touch typist and could write a decent letter. A word processor was purchased and later a computer. Jessica ended up being the one who learned how to use the aspects of the computer they required. Bookkeeping was also left up to her and eventually she mastered this.

Robert’s main strengths, and they were immense strengths without which Nature’s Remedy would not have hit the heights it did, were salesmanship skills and the belief, and first-hand knowledge, due to his days in the ambulance service, that there was an infinite number of people who would benefit from this type of product, and would be more than willing to buy it, if it were offered to them in the familiar environment of their local supermarket.

He travelled interstate, opening up new markets everywhere he went and giving interviews on commercial radio stations. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, and called on the Universe to assist him in reaching the right people. Not all  businesses turned out to be good partners but the blunders were far fewer than the successes.

Previous to using Nature’s Remedy, he had been the recipient of an invalid pension. Now he was heading an enterprise which required strong thinking abilities. Gone was the man who would get in the car and ask: “Where did you say we were going?” each time they set out for a shopping trip. Or the man who would have to kneel, due to his constant back pain, to chop wood for the fireplace that heated their little cottage, only a few years ago in Western Australia.

Jessica’s contributions were many too. She was the one who maintained a smooth functioning home for the children, administered their office and wrote all the correspondence and advertising material.  On approaching prospective new clients with his well-presented portfolio in hand, Robert would be met with strange looks. “I see you, a bit of a gung-ho cowboy,” could have been the thoughts going through the mind of the Coles buyer,  “and I see this presentation booklet, and they don’t match!” It was indeed a partnership of complementing talents. Neither one could have achieved their incredible success without the other.

Jessica’s forte was also, and vitally so, her steadfast determination to keep turning to ‘God’ and her intuition for help. When faced with a problem, she would ask: “What are we believing to make this happen? What fear is in the way of finding a solution to this problem? What is the deeper truth of the matter at hand? ” Invariably a solution would come to their mind, or at least a direction in which to proceed and they would be on their way again.

It took seven years before the idea that had germinated in Jessica’s mind to become a successful business and the source of their income. Several years later, she attended a free six week seminar, offered by the local council, on how to run a business. She was amazed to find out that all their apparent mistakes and wrong turns, even though quickly fixed using the methods of deep thought and manifestation previously mentioned, were totally normal and could be expected to occur in any start-up business. All their knowledge had come from within, rather than from attending a business course. The accountants they eventually hired could not believe the sales figures they were seeing, achieved by only two people, from a small office, a phone and a fax machine.

From their early days living in a caravan and later in dilapidated farm houses, they were able to purchase a property with a double storey house, in a sought out area south of Melbourne. They lived there, and thrived, five years before their differences in opinion  as to the direction in which the business was heading,  and their desires for their respective futures, began to create tension between them.

This eventually led to Jessica’s departure from both the marriage and the business. It was not an easy break up but it was for the better for all members of the family. Only Jessica saw this at first, but this was to be expected as she had always had the stronger intuition and insight into the future.

The settlement ended up with Jessica keeping the property and Robert the business. Their son was to be taken care of in dual custody. Their daughter, now of adult age, was supported in living in her own rented home until she was able to provide for herself. Neither one was interested in their children experiencing the to-and-fro acrimonious arguments that so many children of divorced parents experience. Their individual love for, and support of, their children remained unwavering.

Both Jessica and Robert eventually ended up selling their share of the settlement. Robert sold the business, realising that he could not manage it on his own, let alone pursue the ambitions he had wanted to impose on the partnership when it was still ongoing. He bought the yacht he had always dreamed of and Jessica, having sold the property, found the house of her dreams to move in to.

Nature’s Remedy was the brain child of one person and became the means for two people to achieve some of their major goals in life. It also helped relieve the physical pain of countless suffering human beings, a laudable achievement in itself; and so the clause ‘…for the good of all concerned’ of Jessica’s affirmation was also fulfilled.


Making the decision to relinquish ownership of Nature’s Remedy was a difficult one for Jessica to make. After all, it was ‘her baby’. She eventually reconciled herself to having to let go of her creation by devising a new affirmation: “One day, God and I will  make a better one (cream)!”

A few years after her move, Jessica’s intuition kicked in again and she was inspired with a new formula for pain relief through flower remedies. This time twelve flowers were involved thus making the pain relief faster, longer lasting and frequently totally curative. The new cream was given the name Simply Flower Power, reinforcing the concept that it wasn’t just ‘Nature’ at work, but more specifically ‘Flowers’ and their unique harmonising vibration, or ‘Power’, that were the active ingredients at work in the cream, and nothing else, hence the word ‘Simply’. “Simply Flower Power harnesses the powerful healing force of flowers to achieve pain relief and healing!” is the underlying message in the combination of those three carefully chosen (and meditated upon at length, in Jessica’s usual fashion…) words.

Not having Robert’s salesman ‘killer instinct’, nor the facility to travel due to her commitments and responsibilities in the home, the sales outlets have been less numerous and widespread than they were for Nature’s Remedy. However Simply Flower Power is entering its fourteenth year of being on the market and sales are steady. Many previous users of Nature’s Remedy have discovered the ‘new version’ and have been very happy to be able to again benefit from the gentle and effective pain relief it affords them, without them having to be subjected to pharmaceutical analgesics or pain suppressing substances.

Jessica hopes Dr Edward Bach, her hero and benefactor from above, would be proud of her and of her unique participation in, and contribution to, the world of flower essences and their healing energies!

©Jessica Read 2017