Toothache remedy

Here are several helpful hints to help you with toothache and the after effects of having been to the dentist.

1. Before going to the dentist, use Tranquility Essence to help with any nervousness. A few drops straight into your mouth a few hours before your visit should help. This may be repeated every 5-10 minutes if need be.

2. If you are experiencing pain, apply some Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream to the outside of the jaw, along your cheek bone, on the side of the toothache. The energy of the cream will penetrate and alleviate some of the pain.

3. After the treatment, you may apply the cream to your jaw in the same way as before the treatment. We have had instances reported to us that this was sufficient to alleviate the pain of having wisdom teeth removed in a teenage boy.

4. If you still experience pain or tenderness in the tooth that has been worked on, we have found that spraying Arnica on the tooth and gum may helps quite substantially. Arnica works on the shock and bruising in an homeopathic way. Brauer make an excellent spray (Brauer Natural Medicine. Arnica Oral Stpray  20mL – available from health food stores and pharmacies) that may be used for this purpose. Spray straight onto the tooth and gum as often as required, this could be hourly at first.