Health Food stores and other outlets

Simply Flower Power products are available in many health food stores, mainly in Victoria.
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Direct purchase

You may call Simply Flower Power directly and place an order over the telephone: 03 5976 2444.
Payment is by credit card (Visa, Master).
Discounts apply to purchases made directly from Simply Flower Power. (scroll down page to see details)


Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream – 100g

RRP: $47, however prices vary from store to store.
Simply Flower Power direct price: $45 (plus p. & p.  $15 ).

Buy six jars and save.
This offer only applies to orders directly from Simply Flower Power. $43 per jar so $258 for six jars, plus $15 p. & p. An extra saving of $2.00 per jar.

Tranquility Essence

15 ml: $25
25ml : $35
50ml: $45
(plus p. & p. $12 -$15)

* International orders: please send us an email to request exact cost of postage to your country for your size order.